First time reacting to Spain Eurovision 2022 (Chanel - SloMo) (TheBalkanGuy)
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In this video, I get absolutely blown away by the live performance of SloMo by Chanel which is the song that will represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin.

Watch SloMo video here.


Well, hello beautiful people. This is the Balkan guy and today I will be reacting to the Spain's song for Eurovision 2022. We got Chanel with SloMo. Now, Benidorm Fest this year was so so strong, I heard all the songs. I did not follow the national final but I did hear all the songs and there was so much quality. Basically every single song at the national final was amazing but the winner was Chanel's SloMo and I know she wasn't initially one of the favourites. I know it was, uh, "Terra", I know it was "Calle de la llorería", I know there was also a lot of people loving "Ay mama",  a lot of people loving a lot of songs, a lot of people also loving SlowMo.

I know I love SlowMo uh when I listened to the studio version. It just sounded like a really boppy song that I was ready to dance to, that I was ready to listen to when I'm getting ready, when I'm hyping myself up to go out, when I am out, when I'm dancing in a club. That song sounded like it was for everything but I have not seen the performance yet.

Now, I know that she has been working with an incredible team and I don't know if a lot of you guys know about this but, obviously, the song was produced by Leroy Sanchez, who's absolutely incredible and I love him so much, but the performance was choreographed by no one other than Kyle Hanagami. Now, those two I know that have worked together in the past and they have created one of my favourite videos ever on YouTube, and it's this one right here. It was a choreography to the song... well, it was a cover of the song "Love in the dark Bridal", and then Kyle did a choreography work which I thought was literally outstanding, so if that team is working with Chanel and this bop for SloMo and Eurovision, I know there's gonna be something incredible and, obviously, it is incredible. It won't. but I have not seen it yet, so the excitement is up here. I barely, I don't know how I managed to not watch it but I wanted you guys to see my genuine reaction. I wanted you to see my first reaction to this performance uh because that's just something I want to share with you guys. But it was tough because everyone's talking about it, everyone's talking about how amazing it is, but I was over here like mmm... ¡I'm waiting! but the time is finally here. I get to see what this performance is like and I hope y'all are excited as I am so let's go ahead and get into the song and, uh, am I ready? I'm not. But I also really really am because I've been waiting for so long. So let's go.

I'm probably gonna be dancing. Fair warning. I know I'm a really bad dancer, but how do you resist?

I was once saying, where is she at? but she's right there.

Ooh! She is flexible!
She is hot! The outfit! The hair! The... vocals"

I need a second. I mean, +++++
I'm sorry for pausing but I like the outfit is amazing. She looks hot as hell. The hair... She's beautiful, she doesn't even look like the photo that they had as a cover. The dancers are everything. The LEDs are everything.
What... what is happening? am I... I need to move on.

She has such amazing stage presence.
This... She's everything.

I was wondering what they're to do with the chorus because it's like a little repetitive. SlowMo-mo-mo-mo. But that effect... Genius.

That is Eurovision winning right there, and they're just on the first chorus.

The choreography is everything. Like, Kyle knows what he's doing and she's executing it perfectly. The dancers are amazing.

Every booty pop is on point. Everything is exactly as it's supposed to be. This is just executed perfectly.

The vocals are amazing. She's doing all this dancing and having perfect vocals at the same time. Do you all know how hard that is?

The SlowMo effect this time was even better.

Did she just say "yeah". That's what I'm supposed to say after watching this. "Yeah, keep going".

She said "spicy loco"?

Dance break. What, what is happening?

Yo, I'm not okay.

She did not just do that!

This is everything I want out of a performance. Ya'll, I'm not okay. My heart is moving so fast.

She's out here, coming for me. She's killing me with this performance.

I feel like my voice went like 10 times higher because I'm just...

Y'all. Y'all. Y'all. Oh my god. I am not okay. I need some water after that. I prepared water right there because I
had a feeling I'm gonna need it, and boy do I need five litres of water after watching this.

What the hell did I just watch? Oh my god, that was so good on so many different levels. Wow.

Um. I'm making an executive decision and I think we should go back to the dance break because I might have been freaking out a little too much. I didn't even talk or say anything, so let's quickly go back to the dance break and just see what happens. There, let's go. Two or four. Let's hope that's the one. Oh, that's the one. The +++, that's everything.

She's such an amazing dancer. How is she so good? She's unfairly good.

Oh, I thought I was ready this time. I thought I was like, you know, she shocked me the first time, but...

I'm not okay.

Y'all, like, my heart is beating so fast.

She said "let me show you how to do it". She showed us how to do it.

Everything is on point. Every single move is executed to perfection.

Yeah, I could watch this like 10 000 times right now, but like I know you all don't want to see me freaking out about this like 50 times, so I'm gonna go ahead and finish the video and then watch it 50 more times because...

That is the best thing I have seen this year, and I don't think y'all have seen anything better than this this year either.

Wow, wow, wow. Chanel just brought the house down. She didn't bring the house down, she brought Europe down. Like, what did I just witness?

Okay, some quick notes. Vocals amazing. Song elevated 20 000 times, like I liked this song before, but now I'm in love with it. No, I just want to replay it all the time. Oh my god, the LEDs, uh, amazing. The I I love them, I really really love them. Uh, and it says Chanel in the background like she's the show, she's the moment, that her name is up there and that's all that matters. Like, not SloMo, Chanel. Chanel is here and she's here to see. And this is her first song. Can y'all believe this is her first song?

I know she has a lot of experience in musical theatre but this is her first single. She's gonna be so big after this, like, she's gonna be the next big thing. I'm telling you, after this, she's gonna be the next big thing and
not just in Europe, she's gonna be the next big thing in the world.

What else did I not talk about? Kyle Hagagami. Oh my god, if you're watching this video, I mean, you're
probably not. Why would you be watching this video? but you, wow, you did not disappoint, you made a perfect perfect choreography for the song and really just brought the song 20 times to another level. I mean at this point I'm on level 3566 becase the levels just keep going up with everything that happened in the show, but she, she's such a good dancer.

Wow, let me tell you something, if... I mean, she is going to Eurovision. She is... If she brings this choreography to Eurovision and does it the way she does here, she would be the best performer in Eurovision ever!

Sorry Queen Eleni, you were the queen but Chanel just dethroned you. Like, you were amazing; Obviously you were the queen, but like, Chanel is on another level. Also sorry Hurricane Girls, y'all know I love you with my whole heart but like this is just... she is the best performer Eurovision has ever seen. This is absolutely incredible, she did everything to perfection. The vocals... everything, everything. I'm telling you, she is the moment, this is what we've been needing. Watching that performance like there were so many amazing songs in Benidorm Fest, but I forgot about all of them, like I did not think about Terra, and I loved Terra. I thought it was absolutely incredible and it was so cultural, but I did not think about there for one second watching that.

And yep, that's it. I hope y'all enjoyed watching me freak out about Chanel and SloMo for a good I want to say 10 minutes. I don't know how long that was, but in my mind it felt like 3 000 hours because this was absolutely incredible and the only thing that's on my mind right now is going to watch this probably a hundred more times because I'm so shook and this was so amazing. Also, I don't know if she's accepting any like new dancers to perform return stage but like I would like to sign up. I want to be up there with her. That is the one performance I want to be a part of, obviously. I probably shouldn't because I'd ruin it because you all know my dancing is horrible but like if I was going to be a part of one performance on Eurovision, it was going to be with her because she's about to win Eurovision. I'm calling it right now.

This is going to be top 10. This is going to be top 10 for sure. Most likely it's going to be top 5, and it might even win Eurovision. This is so so so good and this is what they did on the national final. Imagine what they can do in Eurovision. I know there's a lot of people that are mad about their favourites opening the festival but this... you cannot say that this was not deserved because she he just absolutely destroyed that this is so so so deserved.I am shocked. I'm still shocked like I... my heart is still beating really fast, but that is it for me. I really really really really hope you enjoyed my reaction. If you did, make sure to subscribe to my channel. Make sure to follow me on my Instagram. Like the video, comment, I don't know, do what you want to do. I love you and appreciate you for everything, and I cannot wait to react to more Eurovision songs, and if this is how Eurovision 2022 season starting, with this, with Albania, with Moldova, this is going to be a good year, this is going to be a really really good year and I cannot wait to see all of it and share it with you guys. That is it for this video. I will see you in the next one. Good bye.