13 Things You Think Are True, But Aren't (CollegeHumor)
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Many of the things you believe to be true, in fact aren't. Why is it that we all believe them? This comical video tells you about some of them.


Napoleon wasn't short. He was 5.7, which at the time was taller than average. The rumour that he was a teeny tiny man was just a piece of British war propaganda.
Napoleon's true Waterloo was mean people.

It's not true that humans only use 10 percent of our brains. No study has ever shown or even claimed that. It's just something people say for no reason.
Yeah, turns out the whole brain is important.

No matter what your drunk cousin Dave tells you, there's no such thing as cow tipping because cows sleep lying down.
Well then, what, have I been getting drunk and knocking down them?
Mum! come mum, I'm sorry!

Touching baby birds doesn't make their mothers reject them. Mamas love their babies. That's right, you could have saved that bird you saw when you were ten. You let it die.

George Washington didn't have wooden teeth. His actual dentures were made of gold, lead, hippopotamus bones and donkey teeth.
Huh. Wood? How pedestrian!

There is no medical reason to drink eight glasses of water a day.
Oh. Now you tell me!

Sorry stoners. Undercover cops don't have to tell you they're cops just because you ask them. Cops are allowed to lie, that's not a thing.
Whoa, wait. So are you a cop?
I'm not. Come on.
But like you could be a cop.
No, I'm not.

Vikings didn't wear horns on their helmets, and the Iron Maiden never existed. It was a hoax that was made up in the nineteenth century.
Fake. Fake.
George Washington Carver didn't invent peanut butter. Thomas Crapper didn't invent the toilet and Al Gore never claimed he invented the Internet.
That's correct. What I did do was sponsor legislation which...
Oh my God, you're so boring!

Albert Einstein didn't fail high school math.
'Course I freaking didn't. I was the greatest scientist of all times. And you jackasses think I failed math?
E equals MC screw you!
Nice one.

The Great Wall of China is not visible from space.
Yeah. Every astronaut looks and none of us has ever seen it. But hey, why listen to us? We're only astronauts.

Not to mention, if you were ever thrown out of an airlock... Aaaaaaah..... You wouldn't explode. In fact you could survive up to 30 seconds before you ran out of oxygen and lost consciousness.

So, here's a question, If none of these things are true then, why do we all believe them?
Simple. Because they all tell good stories.

It's so comforting and fun to think that Albert Einstein sucked at math too, or that cops have to do what you say if you know the magic words. But that doesn't make it true and nothing is more important than truth.

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[some bit of bad language to end. Excuse that]


5.7=Five foot and seven inches = 1.74 metres.

AVERAGE= The usual quantity or kind.

TEENY TINY= Very very small.

MEAN= Malicious, cruel, evil, unkind, spiteful.

CLAIMED= If you claim something, you say that it is true.

FOR NO REASON= Without a reason, without a cause.

(IT) TURNS OUT= Apparently, contrary to what you believe.

THE WHOLE BRAIN= All the brain (whole = complete).

COW TIPPING= Cow tipping is the purported activity of sneaking up on an unsuspecting upright cow and pushing it over for entertainment. The practice of cow tipping is generally considered an urban legend, as cows do not sleep standing up, and the implication that a cow can be pushed over and not stand up again is incorrect, as, unless injured, cows routinely lie down and can easily regain their footing. The implication that rural citizens seek such entertainment due to lack of other alternatives is also generally viewed as a stereotype. (from Wikipedia)

DENTURES= A set of artificial teeth.

LEAD= /led/ A grey and "soft" metal that can easily be deformed and turns to liquid at a not very high temperature.

HOW PEDESTRIAN!= How ordinary.

STONER= (slang) A drug addict (especially a smoker of marijuana).

UNDERCOVER COPS= (slang) Police agents who work without uniform pretending to be normal people.

THAT'S NOT A THING= That's not a problem, that's nothing strange.

LIKE= More or less; For example. It is also a common gap-filler, a word often used with no meaning at all.

HORNS= The bone parts projecting from some mamals like cows, deer, etc.

HELMETS= A metal (or plastic) kind of hat used to protect your head.

IRON MAIDEN= A fictional medieval instrument of torture consisting of an iron frame in the form of a person in which the victim was enclosed and impaled on interior spikes. (see picture). No account has been found earlier than 1793, although medieval torture devices were catalogued and reproduced during the 19th century. Wolfgang Schild, a professor of criminal law, criminal law history, and philosophy of law at the University of Bielefeld, has argued that supposed iron maidens were pieced together from artifacts found in museums to create spectacular objects intended for (commercial) exhibition. Several 19th-century iron maidens are on display in museums around the world, but it is unlikely that they were ever employed. These were build as a probable misinterpretation of a medieval "Schandmantel" ("mantle of shame"), which was made of wood and tin but without spikes. Iron Maidens are sometimes included in exhibitions about Medieval torture instruments, which is simply aimed to impress the public by deceiving them.

HOAX= Something intended to deceive or defraud.

MADE UP= (of an idea or piece of information) Invented.

FAKE= An object, person, or act that is not genuine; sham, counterfeit, or forgery.

PEANUT BUTTER= One of America's favourite food, and one of the most fattening ones too. It is similar to normal butter but made from peanuts and not from milk, and the taste is similar to peanuts too.

CRAPPER= The surname of this man is also a slang tem for "toilet" (the crapper = the toilet).

SPONSOR LEGISLATION= If a member of parliament sponsors legislation, they work to get a particular piece of law approved.

FREAKING= (coll.) An intensifier.

JACKASSES= (AmE coll.) A jackass is a stupid person.

SCREW YOU= (coll. and rude) An insult.

NICE ONE= An expression of approval when you think what someone said was the right thing to say.

AIRLOCK= An airtight chamber, usually located between two regions of unequal pressure, in which air pressure can be regulated.

SUCKED AT= (coll.) If you suck at something, you are very bad at it, you can't do it well.

COPS= (slang) Policemen.

THE MAGIC WORD= (coll.) The exact word you need to say to get something (for example "thanks").

GUYS= (coll. esp. AmE) You people.