3-A) Revision: Greetings and introductions etc (World Link)
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Revision of greetings and introductions.

World Link - Unit 1: City Living


- Tom Cruise. Harrison Ford. Actors have great names. I'm an actor, and my name's Mike Johnson.
- What's a great name?
- I don't know. But I want a great name.
- OK, Mr. Movie Star. What's your name?
- They call me Bond. James Bond. Hi, I'm Keanu Reeves, nice to meet you.
- ...and my name's Jennifer Lopez!
- Hi
- But you can call me J-Lo.
- OK. J-Lo. Nice to meet you. You're my favourite actress and singer. So, um... what's your phone number?
- Excuse me? My phone number? Uh-uh!

- Mike! Takeshi! Tara!

- Hmm... are you Jim Carrey?
- No. I'm Jackie Chan.
- Oh no, you're not.

- Thanks, Mrs. Hamilton.
- You're welcome, Claudia.
- Bye.
- Bye.

- Good afternoon everyone. This is news reporter Katie Couric, and here we have the famous soccer player, David Beckham. Hi David.
- Hi Katie. But, please, call me Dave.
- And call me Julia Roberts.
- Claudia!
- Come on you three. We're late for the movie!
- After you, J-Lo.
- After you, Dave.
- OK.
- Cut!