4-5 The 25th of June, 2008
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Survival course to learn English from scratch

1- watch the video. 2- watch it again repeating after the teacher. 3- read the transcript (optional), see if you understand. 4- watch the video again once or more times until you learn the lesson well. 5- now try to use some objects to reproduce the dialogue (more or less) so you can practise what you just learnt.

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Ok, we’re almost finished.

If today is Monday, 23rd (twenty-third) of June, yesterday was the 22nd (twenty-second), Sunday the 22nd, the day before yesterday was Saturday the 21st (twenty-first).

Yesterday was Monday the 23rd, tomorrow is Tuesday the 24th (twenty-fourth) and the day after tomorrow is Wednesday the 25th (twenty-fifth), 25th of June, 2008 (two thousand and eight), in the 3rd week of June.