5-I) Free time (hobbies)
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Oh, hi. Anywho, I'm Frank Hernandez and this is me introducing to you guys my hobbies.
Number 1: Riding around in my number one source of transportation.
Number 2: Watching movies till my eyes bleed. This movie is so awesome!
Number 3: Playing video games. Dude, you're looking at my screen! It's the same screen, how I'm not looking at your screen.
Number 4: Singing along to some great tunes. Would you say he's just a friend? Would you say he's just a friend? Oh baby you, you got what I need.
And number 5: Just hanging out with my homies [= friends].



What do you do in your free time? = What do you do in your spare time? = What are your hobbies?

1- I watch TV, I swim

2- LIKE + VERB+ing
- I like watching TV, I like swimming

3- GO + VERB+ing  (sports, exercise)
- I go swimming, I go jogging


Go to the cinema (see picture) --> I like going to the cinema. I usually go to the cinema on Saturdays
Watch TV (see picture) --> I like watching TV. I always watch television in the evening
Spend time with my family (see picture) --> I like spending time with my family. I spend a lot of time with my family
Hang around with my friends (see picture) --> I hang around with my friends
Surf the Internet (see picture) --> I sometimes surf the Internet
Play computer games / video games (see picture) --> I like playing computer games. I play video games
Play a musical instrument (the guitar, the piano, etc.) (see picture) --> I like playing the guitar. I play the flute and the piano
Listen to music (see picture) --> I listen to music. I like listening to music
Read books (see picture) --> I like reading books
Write (see picture) --> I like writing letters and text messages
Go shopping (see picture) --> I go shopping with my mother
Play football/tennis/basketball (see picture) --> I play football and tennis with my friends
Go for a walk (see picture) --> On Sunday morning we go for a walk in the park
Go to the pub/bar (see picture) --> At the weekend I go to the bars with my friends
Visit friends  --> I visit my friends in the evening
Play cards (see picture) --> I sometimes play cards with my father