9-I) -ED vs -ING adjectives (LOIEnglish)
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This funny cartoon will help you understand a difference that is very confusing for students of many languages. Are you bored or are you boring?

See the video and read the explanations.


In English, some adjectives (especially adjectives describing feelings) can have two forms, one form with an active meaning and one form with a passive meaning:

Active form (it produces...) --> -ING: a boring film (if you see the film, you will feel bored)
Passive form (I feel...) --> -ED: a bored person (a person who feels bored)

- I am boring = people feel bored when they are with me.
- I am bored = I feel bored because I'm doing nothing.

- An interesting book = if you read this book, you will enjoy it.
- She is interested in this book = She likes the book very much.

- I am tired because I have worked for 10 hours, I need some sleep
- This job is very tiring because you can never sit down