Amazing new yoga poses
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These guys just invented some new yoga poses. Some are easy, some not so much, but they're all fun to try.


- Hi, I'm James.
- And I'm Charles.
- We wanna thank you for all the wonderful comments and suggestions you gave us for the health imagination you to physical challenge (!). Boy, they were great! We chose user Tuts+++. Charles, tell 'em what his comment was.
- He said we're sucked.
- Well, actually he said, "maybe you guys could do some difficult yoga". Well, we're gonna + on that and we're actually gonna introduce some totally original yoga poses.
- Original yoga.
- We present them in no particular order.
- Enjoy.

Stranded Turtle
Nervous Squirrel
Nervous T-Rex
Hunting Dog
Hunting Dog (Wounded)
Sleepy Kitten
Hugging Aunt Edna
Tornado Drill
Testing the Pool Temperature
The Smother
Smell Check
Dead Dude
Dead Horse
Lost Contact
Lost Remote
Nail Biter
What you looking at?
Looking Down a Hole
Incorrect Heisman
Gotta Pee
The Urinal
Itchy Dog
Gathering Baby Chicks
About to Moon You
The Lionel Richie
The Hasselhoff
- This is a mess!
The Charlie Sheen
Makeout Session
Makeout Session (Advanced)
Fart Lighter
Woman in Labor

- Wow, wasn't that great? I think it was. Well, to keep up with the competition as a whole go to and make sure you watch our other videos where we accept your challenges.
- But first leave a comment below and title these two original yoga poses we just invented. Comment below. Title them.
- Do that.

Pose A
Pose B


Ok, I'll leave here a few explanations that may be helpful:

WANNA= Want to.

FOR THE HEALTH IMAGINATION YOU TO...= Is this real English!?

BOY= An exclamation (very common in America).
- Boy, that's huge!
- Boy, I like this!
- Boy!
  (to express that you are surprised and/or pleased, for example because they gave you a present)
You can tell this to a boy, a girl, a man or an old lady, it's just an exclamation, not an address. The idea is usually positive but if you put OH in front of it the idea usually changes to something negative, for instance, you're expressing sorrow or anger:
- Oh boy, what a mess!
- Oh boy, this is terrible!
- Oh boy!
  (to express that you feel bad about something, for example because you just broke your friend's car)

TELL 'EM= Tell them.

WE'RE SUCKED= If this is really what they say, I don't understand exactly what they mean.

GONNA= Going to.

TOTALLY= Very very.

POSES= A yoga pose or position or posture (or "asana") is a figure you make with your body and keep balanced for a while, as a mixture of concentration and exercise.

STRANDED= When a boat, ship or sea animal comes to the shore (beach) and can't move.

T-REX= Tiranosaurus Rex (a popular dinosaur)

WOUNDED= /wu:ndɪd/ Hurt (alter an attack)

KITTEN= A baby cat.

HUGGING= To hug is to embrace, to put your arms around a person to show you love them or as a greeting.

DRILL= A simulation as practice for the possible real event.

POOL= Swimming-pool.

GAMER= A person who plays games (Play Station here)

SMOTHER= To smother is to suffocate someone (with a cushion here). I suppose they mean "the smotherer", the person who suffocates someone.

DUDE= Colloquial English for guy, mate.

BITER= Someone who bites.

GOTTA PEE= I've got to pee (I have to urinate).

MOON= To moon is to show your bare bottom to someone for fun.

MAKEOUT= To make out is to kiss passionately someone while hugging etc.

FART LIGHTER= A person who makes his flatulences burn with a lighter (yea, some people enjoy doing that. Dangerous too!)

LABOR= A woman in labour is a woman who is giving birth to a child (or any other creature she might have inside)