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Basic expressions to use at the doctor's office.



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PodEnglish. Elementary 23. Ill.

- I believe that I'm sick. I have a headache, a fever, and a runny nose, and I just feel miserable.
In today's lesson we're going to look at ways of talking about illness. We can say, "What's the matter?" or "What's wrong?". We say this if someone is ill.
Let's watch the movie now. Emily is talking to her doctor. What's wrong with Emily?

- Doctor Queen, I don't feel well.
- What's the matter, Emily?
- I've got a terrible cough.
- What else is wrong?
- My stomach hurts. I can't stop sneezing.
- It sounds like you have a cold.
- I also have a headache, and sometimes I feel dizzy.
- Any other symtoms? Is anything else the matter?
- I think I have a sore throat, and I'm always tired.
- You should stay home tomorrow, you should take some aspirin and go to bed.
- So I shouldn't go to work tomorrow? Is that right?
- Well, see how you feel tomorrow. If you don't feel better, call the nurse and we'll make another appointment.
- Thank you doctor, I really appreciate it.
- Wait, you forgot your aspirin.

Did you find out what is wrong with Emily? Can you remember another way of saying this?
          [What is wrong with Emily?]
That's right, "What's the matter with Emily?"

Emily has a cough. Emily has a sore throat. Emily has a headache.
When we are talking about an illness we say "to have + a cough / a headache / a sore throat / a cold".

Can you remember what Emily says to the doctor at the beginning?
"Doctor Queen, I don't feel well."
"I don't feel well", now you say it, "I don't feel well".

We're now going to do an exercise. See if you can fill in the gaps in the conversation. Fill in the gaps.
What does the doctor say? ........
What does Emily say? .......
- Doctor Queen, I don't feel well.
- What's the matter Emily?
The doctor says: "What's the matter?". Emily says: "I don't feel well."

So what is wrong with Emily? Use the words to make an answer. Let's do the first one together:
HEADACHE: Emily has a headache.
See if you can do the rest yourself:
Sore throat / cough / cold / stomach ache.

Let's do them together:
- Emily has a sore throat.
- Emily has a cough.
- Emily has a cold.
- Emily has a stomach ache.

Today we've learnt how to talk about illness.
To have + a cough / a headache / a sore throat / a cold
Well done! See you again soon.

- I'll do anything if I get to sleep 5 minutes today. 1, 2, [atishoo!], 3.