At the Doctor's Office (Mark Kulek)
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Sample conversations at the doctor's office, with practice.


Please, enjoy. Ha ha ha
Hi, this is Mark. This is English conversation practice.
At the doctor's office (part one)

How are you feeling today?
Not very well, doctor
Tell me about it
Well, I have a terrible headache
How about your throat?
It hurts a little
Do you have a cough?
Yes. I have a cough too
Do you feel weak?
Yes. I get tired very quickly
Let me take your temperature
Your temperature is 39.1 degrees Celsius. You have a fever. It seems that you have the flue.
Oh, that's terrible.
Don't worry. Take this medicine and rest.
Ok. I understand.
Please, come back next week for a check up.
I will. Thank you doctor.

Ok, now it's your turn!
I will be the doctor and you will be the patient.
ok. Let's practise!