Awesome magic trick - the even uneven ropes - revealed
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Learn how to do this awesome trick yourself, step by step. See in the Explanations box bellow for detailed written instructions.



   1. Preparation: You’ll need to cut the ropes into three sizes: one small (about 8”), one medium (about 18”), and one large (about 26”).
   2. Performance: Show the three different ropes.
   3. Hand them out for inspection.
   4. Take the short one back first, and place it in your right palm, with the ends laying from the edge of your fingers to the back of your palm.
   5. Take the long one back next and Lay the long one on top of the short one. As you do this, fold the short one over the long one and then gather the ends in your fist. You will have created a loop between the two (two U shapes linked).
   6. Take the medium rope back and add it to the other two in your hand.
   7. Gather the dangling ends in your other hand and show again that they are all different sizes (the will all hang differently).
   8. Slowly and dramatically “stretch” the ropes so that they become the same size (the long and short ones will adjust at the loop to accommodate for the size of the medium one). They will all now be the size of the medium one.
   9. Hold them up to show they’ve all changed.
  10. Gather them up in a ball and now place them in the hands of a spectator. Say the magic words… and now open their hand to reveal that the ropes have returned to their original sizes!