Bush on global warming
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A very funny video about a very serious problem: The President of the most polluting country in the world (at that time) didn't care too much about global warming. Here, Will Ferrell makes a Parody of George Bush talking about this issue. In this parody we can forget about our worries and just laugh about it. (Watch a more serious video about this or a National Geographic documentary)


And now a special address from the President of the United States on Global Warming.

Hallo America, it’s me here, your president, your commander in chief of the world.

And I am here at my ranch here in Crawford, Texas, just taking a little R and R, you know, relaxing and growing out my soul patch. Playing a little Frisbee golf with Condy Rice and Dick Cheney. Having a good time, but still keeping my eye on the ball.

And there is an issue that has come to my attention. The issue of the so called global warmings, that are happening on our planet. For centuries the rays of the sun have warmed the surface of our earth’s crust. And, apparently, those rays are intensifying in such a way that it is increasing lava flows. And, err...


I am not going to lie here, I don’t know what the hell I am talking about. )

Global warning is an issue that my administration is, is very concerned about. Deeply, deeply in a deep kind of concerned way. It’s ..I don’t.. I start my day and I think about the warming of the globe and how we can get it warmer.


Rest assured that the issue of global warming is something that my administration takes very seriously. The... Not right now, Condy, we'll play later.

I am sure by know you have all heard what liberal scientists are trying to say, it seems that liberals and godless tax raisers are trying to make me look bad by using such things as facts and scientific data.



Mr. President you can’t say they are using facts.


'Cause facts are real, you know, they are not disputed.

How do you know that. What kind of book is this? Gee! Why didn’t you tell me it was a pop-up book. Those things scare the crap out of me.

I don’t think that is the kind of science book we are looking for, we are talking about global warming.

What kind of science book would you suggest.

Well there is a lot of books...

One filled with facts, maybe? Yes, I bet you would like that.

When you think back to Biblical times, when Adam and Eve talked to that snake, 6000 years ago, when the world was created. It was hot back then too, why do you think Adam and Eve were naked. Do you see what I am saying? I mean, I am not making that stuff up. You didn’t hear Adam and Eve running around talking about emission standards or hybrid cars. In fact Adam and Eve drove an Excursion.


Let’s talk about something that really matters, like keeping steroids out of T-Ball.


I think the polar ice caps suck. Who cares about having a place where a bunch of penguins can have an orgy.


Global warming, don’t worry about it. Where we have got a beat on this thing? We are going to.., yeah, we just need to get nature to cooperate with us. We don’t need to listen to nature, nature needs to listen to us.

Cut! Mr. President you asked me to tell you when the Rangers’ game is on, it is on right now.

It better not be past...)

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.)


GLOBAL WARMING= The present situation in which the global temperatures in our planet are going up, which is causing the ice on the poles to melt, the sea levels to rise, desertification to increase, and the weather to go more and more crazy everywhere.

COMMANDER IN CHIEF= The supreme commander of all the armed forces of a nation.

R and R= Running and relaxation (exercising and resting).

YOU KNOW= This phrase is very commonly used (even overused) in conversational English. We use it when we want to give more details, or simply to fill in the gap while we’re are thinking.

SOUL PATCH= A small patch of facial hair just below the lower lip and above the chin.

FRISBEE GOLF= Disc golf or Frisbee golf is a disc game in which individual players throw a flying disc (Frisbee) into a basket or at a target.

KEEPING MY EYE ON THE BALL= If you keep your eye on the ball, you stay focused on the important thing, you don’t get distracted by other things.

AN ISSUE= A matter of public concern (something very important to people)

THE SO CALLED X= If we use "so called" in front of a noun, we express our doubts about it. So when he says "the so called global warming", he is telling us that he is not very sure about the global warming being a reality.

CRUST= The hard part covering the softer part of bread. Also used to talk about the solid part covering the earth surface as opposed to the liquid metals inside.

APPARENTLY= Appearing as such but not necessarily so (it's probably just appearance, not reality)

WHAT THE HELL (rude)= The phrase "the hell" used with interrogative words (wh-words) is used to emphasize the question (and a bit rude too). So "who the hell are you?" sounds much stronger (even angry) than "who are you?".

CONCERNED= If you’re concerned about something, you’re worried about it and you think it is important.

REST ASSURED THAT... (formal)= Be sure that...

GODLESS= Without God, that don’t believe in God (atheist)

TAX RAISERS= Politicians who are in favour of getting higher taxes from people (making them pay more money to the state)

DISPUTED= If something is disputed, people discuss about it because nobody knows for sure what is the correct idea about it.

A POP-UP BOOK= A book, usually for children, where some paper figures go up from the pages when you open it. (see picture)

SCARE= If something scares you, it makes you feel afraid.

CRAP= Another rude word for "shit"

THOSE THINGS SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME (rude)= Those things make me very very afraid.

I BET YOU WOULD LIKE THAT= I’m quite sure you would like that.

WHEN YOU THINK BACK TO BIBLICAL TIMES= If you travel with your imagination to the past, to stories related in the Bible.

ADAM AND EVE= A story narrated in the beginning of the Bible as part of the creation of the world according to Christians, Jews and Muslims. Some people believe it was a real story (especially Evangelists, like Bush), but most people believe it is a metaphor to understand the nature of the world and humans. Adam and Eve were the first man and woman in the world, they were created by God in the Paradise and they were naked as a natural thing until they sinned (a snake talked them into it), and felt ashamed of their nakedness. NAKED= with no clothes.

IT WAS HOT BACK THEN= Again we have the particle BACK to express the idea that we are talking about a time from the past.

DO YOU SEE WHAT I AM SAYING?= Do you understand me?

I MEAN= We use this phrase when talking as a gap-filler or when we want to introduce more details (further explanations) about something we just said.

STUFF= Things

I’M NOT MAKING THAT STUFF UP= I’m not inventing that story, it’s real.

T-BALL= A form of baseball played by young children in which the ball is not pitched but hit from a stationary position on top of a tee.

POLAR ICE CAPS= The ice layer that covers the earth poles.

SUCK (a bit rude)= If something sucks, you don’t like it at all.

A BUNCH OF= A group of

THE RANGERS= The New York Rangers are a professional ice hockey team based in New York, New York, United States.

SCHEDULED= Planned for a certain time. A SCHEDULE is like a timetable, a programme telling us what happens and when. In BrE we say edʒu:l/ and in AmE it is pronounced /sked(j)u:l/.

PROGRAM (AmE)= In BrE it is spelled "programme".