Einstein: the talking parrot
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An excerpt from the TV programme "Animal Planet". This lady is showing what her parrot can do, and it can do a lot. Awesome!


- ... Einstein, everyone.
- Alright. Einstein, are you excited?
- Woo!
- Alright. Tell everybody, tell everybody your name.
- [cough, cough, cough]
- Oh she’s getting ++++s. Clearing throat, can you tell me your name?
- Einstein
- Yes, Einstein
[- Oh my God]
- Say "hi". Can you say "hi"?
- Hello
- That’s nice. Can you be polite?
- Yes, sweetheart.
- That's much better. Ok, let’s start, let’s start off with some animal sounds first. Can you do...?
- [cough, cough]
- Ok, she’s gotta clear her throat. Let’s do wolf.
- Auu
- Good. How about a bird? Can you do a bird?
- cheep, cheep, cheep.
- Good. An owl?
- Toot, toot, toot.
- Good owl. How about a rooster?
- eeh, eeh, eeh.
- How about a penguin. Can you do a penguin?
- wa, wa.
- Not so very penguin for you. How about a chimpanzee.
- ooh, ooh, ooh, aah, aah, aah.
- Good job, Einstein. Can you do a pig?
- Oink, oink, oink.
- Sometimes they get chunky. You think they need to go on a diet?
- Oink, oink, oin,.
- How about diet?
- grr, grr, grr.
- Very good. How about some tigers in the jungle?
- grr
- Yeah, they growl. What about a skunk?
- Stinker
- Stinker! Ok. Let’s do some sound effects too. Spaceship?
- Woop, woop, woop.
- Good. Good. A spaceship with a laser.
- Beep, beep, beep, beeoooh.
- Yeah! Can you, can you fall down? Phewoooooh.
- There you go, with a little squat at the end. Does that hurt?
- Ough, ough, ough.
- Yeah. Maybe, could you whisper?
- wah, wah, wah.
- That’s good. How ‘bout evil?
- Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
- Good job, Einstein.
- Let’s sing some opera.
- Eeooooh.
- Let’s sing, let’s sing some opera.
- ++++
- There you go.
- ++++ too?
- [fart sound]
- Aaagh
- Look Einstein. This is a lot of hard work. Is it a lot of hard work?
- Phewww.
- Yes, it’s gonna wear you out. But we’re not done yet. What do you think?
- No
- No. We know more!
- How about fiesta!
- Rrrrraaaaa!
- All right! Go crazy for everybody. Can you go crazy? Go crazy
- Oooooh!
- Oooooh! Alright. She loves to party. So, well, can you just get down? Let’s get down, come on!
- Yeah, there you go. ++++. Do you need something to drink?
- Beer.
- No, you don’t drink beer, you drink water.
- [water sound]
- That’s much better. Alright, but you have to wait till later, ‘cause I have problem.
- What’s the matter?
- What’s the matter? (I) lost my dog. Can you call the dog?
- [whistle] come here! [whistle] come here!
- Good job.
- Alright.
- It’s alright, but I’ll see the dog, anyway, I don’t want these people boring. Can you be boring?
- [yawns]
- Oh, yeah. Well, we all love you, we know that you’re famous. Are you famous?
- Superstar!
- Yeah. Ok, what do you say when it’s time to go?
- Bye, bye.
- Bye, bye and thank you.


SWEETHEART= A loving way to address someone you love, like your girlfriend or your child.

LET’S START OFF WITH= Let’s begin with.

SHE’S GOTTA CLEAR= She has (got) to clear...

LET’S= Contraction of "let us" (we always use the contraction when speaking), used to introduce a suggestion, followed by infinitive without to.

HOW ABOUT...?= The same as LET’S, but followed by a noun or an –ING form. The following expressions all mean the same:
--- Suggestions ---
- let’s drink a beer.
- how about a beer?
- how about drinking a beer?
- what about a beeer/drinking a beer?
- Why don’t we drink a beer?
- We can drink a beer if you want, do you?

ROOSTER (AmE) = Cock (BrE), cockerel. (the male of a hen).

CHUNKY= Thick and short; fat.

TO GO ON A DIET= To start a diet (controlling what you eat for reasons of health or to lose weight and get thinner).

SKUNK= An American animal a bit similar to a cat, but more fluffy, black and white and with a big fluffy tail. They defend themselves by sending out a horrible stinking odour very difficult to remove. See the picture here: skunk.

STINKER= Something that stinks (smells really bad).

SPACESHIP= An artefact to travel through space and go to other planets. A UFO.

LASER= Pronounced /lzə/.

THERE YOU GO= That’s right. You did it correctly.

WHISPER= To speak very softly, in a very low voice.

EVIL= Wicked, morally bad, very bad.

GONNA= Going to.

WEAR YOU OUT= Get you very very tired.

TO BE DONE= To have finished. We’re not done yet = We haven’t finished yet.

FIESTA= Party time, celebration.

GET DOWN (AmE, colloquial)= To dance.

WHAT’S THE MATTER? = What’s wrong? What’s the problem?