English words of Spanish origin (Let's Talk)
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Hola! So are you curious about the influence that Spanish has had on English? As people of different languages intermingle inevitably some of the words of one language become words of the other. These words are also called as loanwords. Words that are borrowed from another language.


Below are some loan words that are originally Spanish words but now a part of the English vocabulary.

1) Bonanza - A source of great wealth or luck. Prosperity
2) Breeze - Gentle wind
3) Fiesta - Party
4) Cafeteria /ˌkæfɪˈtɪərɪə/ - In Spanish there's an accent on the "i". Originally in Spanish the cafeteria is a coffee shop (or a café).
5) Cargo - Ultimately derived from the verb cargar which means to carry.
6) Cilantro - the fresh green herb also called as coriander.
7) Macho - The real strong man
8) Mosquito - Little fly