Heaven for everyone (Roger Taylor)
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One of the few songs by Queen whose leader singer is not Freddie Mercury but the drummer and song writer Roger Taylor.

When Taylor started working on the material for the album Shove It, he recruited Freddie Mercury to record the backing vocals on the song. Two versions were recorded, one with Mercury doing only backing vocals to Taylor's lead vocals, and another with Mercury singing the lead vocals.

You can listen to the other version, with Freddie as lead singer here: Heaven for Everyone (Queen)


While you are imagining, imagine for instance,
The sights that you can take advantage of
(In these days)
Look at the beautiful cloud formations below you and above you
(This could be heaven)

Think of the colour of the sun as it shines off the clouds
(This could be heaven)
Or see the stars

In these days of cool reflection
You come to me and everything seems alright
In these days of cold affections
You sit by me and everything's fine

This could be heaven for everyone
This world could be fed, this world could be fun
This could be heaven for everyone
This world could be free, this world could be one

In this world of cool deception
Just your smile can smooth my ride
These troubled days of cruel rejection
You come to me, soothe my troubled mind

Yeah, this could be heaven for everyone
This world could be fed, this world could fun
There should be love for everyone
This world could be free, this world could be one

We should bring love to our daughters and sons
Love, love
This could be heaven for everyone

So take a seat and sit by my side a while
You know I like your style
(This could be heaven for everyone)
So what can we do to clean up this mess
Just feel so helpless
(This could be heaven for everyone)
So lift up your voice at least you'll have cared
At least you'll have cared
(This could be heaven for everyone)

Listen. What people do to other souls
They take their lives, destroy their goals
Their basic pride and dignity
Is stripped and torn and shown no pity
When this should be heaven for everyone
In these days

This could be heaven, could be heaven for everyone<
This could be heaven, could be heaven for everyone
This could be heaven, could be heaven for everyone
(This could be heaven, could be heaven for everyone)
And this is the end of this section.


FOR INSTANCE= For example.

SIGHTS= Visions, views; the things you see.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF= Benefit from.

CLOUD FORMATIONS= Shapes or figures (either concrete or abstract) made by clouds.

BELOW= Under (without contact)

ABOVE= /əbʌv/ over.

COLOUR= /kʌlə*/

AS IT SHINES= When it shines.

OFF THE CLOUDS= The particle OFF expresses separation, so if the sun is shining "off the clouds" it means that the clouds are covering the sun (the sun looks like being "inside the clouds") but the sun rays can be seen leaving the clouds and going out. (You can see a picture of this here)

COOL REFLECTION= A REFLECTION may be an opinion based on careful thinking, and COOL is "a bit cold" (also emotionally). Feelings of love and compassion are said to be "warm", so "a cool reflection" is an opinion which is without love.

COLD AFFECTIONS= Relationships without love.

FED= (feed-fed-fed) To feed someone is to give them food.

DECEPTION= A deception is when they fool you, trick you, deceive you, lie to you.

SMOOTH= To make it easier, softer, more even and comfortable.

MY RIDE= My journey, my trip.

REJECTION= The act of rejecting (sending away from you, not accepting).

SOOTHE= To calm, to be relieved.

TROUBLED= Worried.

A WHILE= A short time.

YOUR STYLE= The way you are, the way you move and your physical appearance (including clothes, hairstyle, etc)

MESS= disorder, rubbish and other things that spoil a place and shouldn't be there. A confused, trouble or embarrassing situation.

HELPLESS= Without help, powerless.
(The suffix –LESS means "without")

LIFT UP= Raise.
If you lift up your voice, you speak up.

CARED= If you care about something, it's important for you.

GOALS= Objectives, aims, purposes, dreams.

PRIDE= A sense of self-esteem and self-value.

STRIPPED= If somebody is stripped of something, they take it away from them.

TORN= Broken into pieces.

PITY= Mercy, sympathy, sorrow.
If you show no pity you are cruel.

The song refers to the first section of the album, with the following songs talking about other topics.