How I spend my free time (elllofriends)
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This girl from Lithuania is telling us about how she spends her free time. See if you can understand. Make a list with some of the activities she likes doing.


Hello, this is and my name is Aiste.  I'm from Lithuania  and I will talk now about free time and how I spend it.

Well currently I'm a student so I try to study a lot but as a student I also try to have fun
and spend my free time in the way I want to.

Usually when I'm tired I like relaxing in my free time and that would be just going out somewhere for a walk or going to the sea, going to eat something nice to cook something nice or just watch a movie and try not to think about my things.

The other way of spending my free time if I am not tired then I like to do something and that would probably be travelling. I think I prefer travelling the most of all the activities I could think of spending free time.

I really think that knowing other countries and going for even a small trip around your village or your town that you stay in is a wonderful thing because you can never know what things you can discover there and what unknown places you can see.