How much is it, Mr Dyson?
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Listen to the video and then listen to it again reading the script. You will probably understand many things.

Look in Explanations for some vocabulary.


Hello there! I'm author Joe Dyson. Everybody knows that I wrote the book "Never Entertain During Watermelon Season", but nobody knows how much it costs? They say: "is it a hundred thousand dollars? Is it 50.000 dollars? Is it 25.000 dollars?" No, it's just 20 dollars. Just google "Never Entertain During Watermelon Season" and find the store near you. Thank you.

Are you gonna say "cut"? I get to stop, right?... Somebody say "cut", will you? Fellows, I gotta go to the bathroom! Ok, gotta go!



Just google... = simply look for that in Google
store (AmE) = shop (BrE)
gonna say = going to say
fellows = friends
I gotta go = I've got to go, I have to go, I must go