I love you, mama!
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It's hard to be separated from the ones you love.


- when are you gonna get out of here?
- in a while... I gotta get back
- I love you mama
- I love you too, baby

Don't spend your life cleaning
Vim cleans the tough stuff. Easily


GONNA= (col.) going to

A WHILE = a moment
in a while= after a short time, soon
[in this video the imprisoned mother says that to comfort her distressed daughter, but obviously she's going to be in prison for a looong time]

I GOTTA = I've got to = I have to (colloquial esp. AmE)
I gotta get back = I have to go back

TOUGH= /tʌf/ difficult, resistant, hard
STUFF= /stʌf/ things, substance, material

Note: in England we usually call our parents "mum" and "dad"
in America it's also usual to say "mama" and "papa"