I wanna be loved by you -Some like it hot- (Marilyn Monroe)
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A song written for the 1928 musical "Good Boy", but the person who made this song really popular was Marlyn Monroe, who sang it in the classic comedy Some Like It Hot, in which Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis pretend to be women because they are running away from some gansters who want to kill them. 

This song was chosen as one of the Songs of the Century in a survey made by the RIAA in which 200 people responded (out of 1300 asked).


I wanna be loved by you
Just you, nobody else but you
I wanna be loved by you alone
Boop boop be doo
I wanna be kissed by you
Just you, nobody else but you
I wanna be kissed by you alone
I couldn't aspire
To anything higher
Than to fill the desire
To make you my own
Ba-dum ba-dum ba doodly dum - boo!
I wanna be loved by you
Just you, nobody else but you
I wanna be loved by you alone

Daphne, your boyfriend's waving at you.
You can both go take a flyin' jump!
Remember, he's your date for tonight, so smile.
Oh, you can do better than that. Give him xxxx the whole personality.
Oooh, why do I let you talk me into these things? Why?!
Because we're pals, buddies, the two musketeers.
Don't give me with the musketeers!
How am I gonna keep the guy ashore?
Tell him you get seasick xxxx.
Play miniature golf with him.
Oh, no! I'm not gonna get caught in a miniature sand trap with that guy!
Hi! Which of you dolls is Daphne?
Bull fiddle.
It's from satchel mouth at table seven.
This is from me to you, doll.
Beat it, buster.
Never mind leaving your door open. I got a passkey.
I couldn't aspire...
What are you doin' with my flowers?
Just borrowing 'em. You'll get 'em back tomorrow. fill the desire
To make you my own
Ba-dum ba-dum, ba doodly dum - boo!
I wanna be loved by you
Just you, nobody else but you
I wanna be loved by you
Ba-deedly deedly deedly dum
Boop boop be doop


WANNA= (coll.) Want to.

ASPIRE= If you aspire to something you have a big ambition and plan to get it.

TO MAKE YOU MY OWN= To make you mine.

WAVING= If you wave at somebody, you move your palm in the air from side to side to call somebody's attention or to say hello or goodbye.

YOU CAN BOTH GO TAKE A FLYING JUMP= Leave me alone you two. Go to hell you two.

YOUR DATE= The person who is with you in a romantic appointment.

TALK ME INTO...= Convince me to do...

PALS= Mates, fellows, partners, friends.

BUDDIES= (coll. AmE) Friends.

THE TWO MUSKETEERS= Two good friends that help each other.
This comes from "The Three Musketeers" in the novel by Alexandre Dumas ("all for one and one for all").

DON'T GIVE ME WITH THE MUSKETEERS= Don't mention them to me, don't talk about them.

GONNA= (coll.) Going to.

KEEP THE GUY ASHORE= Keep that man at a safe distance. Stop that man from trying to do something with me (because he thinks I'm a woman). GUY is a colloquial word to refer to a man and ASHORE is "on the beach". When a boat is ashore, it's not sailing. If the guy is ashore, he's not doing anything.

SEASICK= If you get seasick when sailing on a boat you feel dizzy and want to vomit.

DOLLS= (coll. AmE, old fasnioned, also "dolly") An arrogant way of addressing a woman, especially if you find her attractive (used by men).

BULL FIDDLE= A double bass (similar to a violin but very big). Here it refers to the man playing the bull fiddle.

SATCHEL= A small bag, often having a shoulder strap, used in the past for carrying books or clothing. SATCHEL MOUTH refers, I suppose, to the man sending the message, because he has a big mouth.

BEAT IT= (coll. AmE) Shut up. Go away.

BUSTER= (coll. AmE) Used in addressing a man or boy, especially out of annoyance.

PASSKEY= A master key. A key that can open any door in a building.