I will learn to love again (Kaci Battaglia)
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The song theme for the romantic movie "The Perfect Man".


(To love again...)

Drowning in tears? That won't be me
I will soon be free from the chains of all this pain inside
And though I cry, it won't be long
Till I regain the strength to know
I can go on
I will find my way through the heart break
I will not give up on love
I believe

I will learn to love again
I will learn to trust
Once this heart can start to mend
I will learn to
Learn to love again

All of these tears time will dry them

I will survive them
And make it through into another day
All of this pain, time will heal it
There'll be a time some time, I know
I won't feel it
I will live through life without you
After the hurting is done
I believe

I will learn to love again
I will learn to trust
Once this heart can start to mend
I will learn to
Learn to love again

And I will find someone who deserves my touch
After all the hurt is through
I will be so over you
I will not give up on love
I believe, yeah

I will learn to love again
I will learn to trust
Once this heart can start to mend
I will learn to love again

Oh yeah yeah oh oh again

I will love again!

 (To love again...)

I will love again!


WILL-- The verb WILL is sometimes used to express future (predictions), but more often it is use to express volition (desire) or determination (decisions you make at the moment of speaking). Most of the WILLs you can find in this song express determination and volition.
- The crisis will last a couple of years (future, prediction)
- I will learn to love again (determination: I will not stay sad forever, I want to get over this and learn to love again. I want to and I will, that's my decision)

DROWNING= /drnɪŋ/ When you drown, you are inside water and can't swim or breathe.
Figuratively, "to drown in tears" means to cry a lot.
Notice: she clearly says /drnŋ/, but that intrusive "d" appears in dialectal speech of parts of the States. It's, nevertheless, incorrect.

THAT WON'T BE ME= I will not do that; doing that is not in my nature.

REGAIN= Recover

GO ON= Continue.

THE HEART BREAK= The painful sentimental experience that broke my heart (that made me feel very sad)

GIVE UP ON= If you give up on something, you stop trying.

I BELIEVE= This is my strong opinion; I'm completely sure about it.

MEND= If something mends, it gets fixed, it's in a good condition again.
"Once this heart can start to mend I will learn to love again"= After I stop feeling so in pain, I will...

ALL OF THESE TEARS TIME WILL DRY THEM= The order of the sentence is altered (= time will dry all of these tears) and there is a duplication of the direct object (these tears = them). The first is a literary figure of the speech (hyperbaton) which is not correct in normal standard English but creates beauty in poetry. The second (duplication) is common in conversational English, especially British, to emphasize a part of the sentence:
- I like him, John, he's nice = I like John, he's nice
- Strange people the Smithsons, they are (the Smithsons = they)

I WILL SURVIVE THEM= When they (the tears) stop, I'll be fine (these bad days won't be the end of me, I know life will be fine again).

MAKE IT THROUGH= Survive a difficult situation.

ALL OF THIS PAIN, TIME WILL HEAL IT= Time will heal all of this pain.
We have exactly the same situation as before, a hyperbaton and a duplication (it = all of this pain)

THE HURTING= The damage, the pain you caused.

IS DONE= Is finished.

I WILL BE SO OVER YOU= I will be completely over you.
In standard English we use SO before of adjectives to intensify them:
- Peter is tall, but his brother is so tall!
But in colloquial English (esp. AmE) we can use SO before almost anything to emphasize it:
- Oh my god, your clothes are so 80's! (they look very much like the fashion in the 1980s)
- You're late again! This is so you (this is a very typical behaviour in you)
To be "over you"= If you have a girl/boyfriend, you break up (separate) and you suffer, to be over that person means that you are fine again because you forgot and forgave that person.


This song is about a woman who is suffering because her relationship broke. Now she's crying and in pain, but she looks up into the future and knows that those days will finish some day, and then she will be fine.

But starting again won't be easy, she will have to "learn to love" again (that means she is suffering a real lot from this heartbreak).

So on the one had she's telling us that she's suffering a lot, and on the other hand she's saying that she's not going to be crying forever ("that won't be me"), and when she finishes crying she will love again, life has not finished yet and there's a lot of love to get.