Inside (Trevor Sands)
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A witty and graphic view inside the mind of a psychotic man suffering from multiple personality disorder. Great short directed by Trevor Sands.


On your feet, the doctor wants to see you
Let's go I said
No trouble
Suffering from a condition known as multiple personality disorder
Jonathan, Heather, Tomas, Harris, Joey and Bow. For weeks now, we’ve been talking.
You’ve been introduced me to a lot of different people, each with a different name.
So, my question is: who am I speaking to now?
That doesn’t matter, what matters is how do I get out of this place
Next week you are up for evaluation. If it goes well you qualify for a supervise release programan and eventually
I am so sorry doctor; I’ve done horrible things, terrible, terrible things. I want a chance
I'll take your head off
I thought you want a change. The only way you can get better is
You work for the government, you are inside my head.
You can read my thoughts and being held here against my will.
You are here because the alternate selves inside your head are taking control
That’s hilarious. Wait, are you a real doctor? Give me a break.
I know who I am.
Then, tell me.
John, Jacob, Jingleheimer Schmidt, that’s my name too,
wherever we go out, the people always shout
Stop talking
Never amount to nothing. Never have, never will
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrilly, merrily Life is but a D
D, you said D, does your name start with a d?
That's my name too
D is for...
D is for what?
We need help
all of you quiet,
I am here to help you, but I can’t do that if you won’t listen.
The only way you’re getting out of here is if we work together.
Now, you were going to say something.
Go ahead
D is for Daniel.
My name is Daniel.
Good to have you back, Daniel
Thank you doctor,
It’s good to be back
It’s been a long time
Yes, it has
Now, we can get back to work
Hello Daniel,
I’m Doctor Blake.
As you know you‘ll be up for evaluation next week,
and If you don’t mind I'd like to ask a few questions.
So, how you feeling today?
I feel fine doctor.