Just like heaven
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Watch this trailer for one of the cutest romantic comedies Hollywood has produced.

A workaholic woman dies in an accident, but she is so busy that she doesn't realize she's dead. A man hires her empty apartment... except that it's not empty, because she's still living there. For some strange reason he can see her and knows she's a ghost. She can also see him and thinks he's a robber. They are both trying to get the other one out of the house.

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- I’ll have a sugar free, vanilla, non-fat cappuccino.
- You’ve been here 26 hours, go home.
- Wait on. Have you known? I’m completely capable of meeting men on my own
- Is there anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable today?
- Marry me?
- Let’s decrease his morphine drug.
- You’re so lucky that all you have to worry about is work.
- It’s just a month to month sublet. Some kind of tragedy in the family.
- What are you doing?
- Ahh!
- Hello?
- So what kind of encounter did you have?
- Encounter?
- Woah!
- OOow!
- Ahhh!
- There’s nothing worth stealing here!
- I live here.
- You can’t live here, because I live here.
- Are you seeing things that are quite real to you?
- Go away, you don’t exist. It’s one of those dreams when you know you’re dreaming.
- Get out!
- Another one! My, my!
- I’ve been sort of seeing someone that’s not there.
- You mean she’s emotionally unavailable?
- You are...
- I am... err... I can’t remember?
- How is it that I can see her and no one else can?
- ++++
- I know it’s crazy. She’s right here with us right now.
- You can just hold on just a second?
- Get the hell out of here you freak!
- The department upstairs. It belonged to a young woman.
- I don’t know of a single date that she’d ever been on.
- She was like a cat lady without any cats.
- She’s a little dull.
- God knows she wasn’t dating anybody.
  - Does everybody have to rub it in?
This fall
- Oh my God, you totally violated me!
- You know? It wasn’t that pleasant for me either.
Dreamworks Pictures presents the story of two people finding each other.
- I’m sensing some pretty intense feelings she has for you, bro.
- Really?
Between the here and the hereafter.
- I think if you could ever really touch me... I know I’d wake up from all this.
Reese Witherspoon. Mark Ruffalo. And Napoleon Dynamites John Heder.
- I’m like 99.99% parched here. Can really use a cola.
Just Like Heaven
- Is there a doctor here?
- Excuse me. Pardon me.
- What’s wrong with him?
- It’s a tension pneumothorax.
- I think it’s a tension nemo-thaxter.
- Pneumothorax
- Newmo-thaxter
- Pneumothorax!
- Pneumo-thornment
- Never mind.
- Never mind!


SUGAR FREE= Without sugar. You can also say "alcohol free", "fat free", etc.

NON-FAT= Fat free, without fat. Fat is the soft white part of animals were all the calories are preserved (and makes us look fat).

CAPABLE= Able. If you are capable of doing something you can do it. We say CAPABLE OF + -ING because after prepositions and conjunctions the verb always uses –ING.

ON MY OWN= Alone

COMFORTABLE= Careful with the pronunciation: /kʌmfə*təbəl/, stressed on the first syllable.

DECREASE= Reduce, make an amount smaller.

MONTH-TO-MONTH= something which is done month-to-month is done for one month and then renewed every month.

SUBLET= A sublet is a subcontract, when you hire (rent) a property and then you hire it to another person.

ENCOUNTER= Notice that they don’t pronounce the T here (sounds "encouner"). In AmE many people don’t pronounce the T when it goes after N. An encounter is a meeting with a person or thing, especially when casual or unexpected, often used with paranormal phenomena.

WORTH STEALING= The adjective WORTH is always followed by –ING. If something is worth doing, it is useful or enjoyable to do. STEAL= rob.

MY!= Oh my God! An exclamation of surprise.

UNAVAILABLE= that is not available, that you can’t get it.

HOW IS IT THAT...?= Why?

HOLD ON= Wait.

GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE= A very emphatic way of saying: Go away!

YOU FREAK= We often use YOU with an insult to make it more emphatic (you jerk!). A freak is someone who is very strange, eccentric.

BELONG= If something belongs to you, you own it, it is yours.

DATE= A date is a romantic appointment or the person you are dating, so you can say:
- I have a date at 9:30
- This is my date, Kelly.

DULL= Boring

RUB IT IN= If someone rubs it in, they keep talking about something that makes you feel embarrassed or upset: I know I made a mistake, but you don't have to rub it in.

FALL= (AmE) Autumn

PLEASANT= Enjoyable. Be careful with the pronunciation /plezənt/.

EITHER= is the opposite of TOO:
- I like it. – I like it too
- I don’t like it. – I don’t like it either

SENSE= To feel through the senses or, as here, through intuition.


BRO (AmE)= A very colloquial way to address a man. Originally used among black people it is now used by white people too. It is the abbreviation of "brother". For women you say "sister", but this female version is still used only among blacks.

THE HEREAFTER= The afterlife (life after death)

PARCHED= Extremely dry or thirsty.

CAN REALLY USE A COLA= I need a cola or I want it very much. If you can use something, you want it (colloquial English).

COLA= Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola or any other cola soda.

NEVER MIND!= It’s ok, don’t worry, forget about it.