Kaka's passion to protect a forest
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Watch Real Madrid and Brazil's Ricardo Kaká discuss his passion for protecting the Brazilian rainforest. The player discusses how he would refresh his world outside of the football arena as part of a global “Refresh Your World” marketing campaign which encourages youth to have a positive impact on the world in which they live.


Hi, my name is Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite but most of you know me as Kaka. As you probably know, I play football for Real Madrid. At the age of 18 I suffered a terrible swim[ming] accident which should have ended any chance of me having a professional football career. But through my faith and my passion to play, I was able to overcome this injury. Now it's my turn to return this favour of life; my turn to refresh the world.

Brazil is also home to part of the largest rainforests on earth. This rainforest is not only an ecosystem supporting more plants and animals in one area than any other on the planet, but it has also supported hundreds of Amazonian tribes (?) and creatures, many of [wh]ich are being threatened by deforestation.

I’m working with the government and other agencies to help protect this ecological wonder. I will use my voice to create awareness and I will use my passion to make a difference that, God willing, could change the world for many, and for many years to come. I have committed my life to saving life. This is how I will refresh my world.'

[Transcript provided by Gabriela Palanco]