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The life of Jesus through the eyes of his apostles. This TV series will help you, in a way, understand the life of Jesus like never before by learning all the cultural and situational context of the most prominent scenes.

See for yourself why this series has turned into a huge international success.

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Note: Characters (except for Romans) speak with a Middle East accent to make them sound like people in that area would sound. They do take care of all sorts of details to make it more realistic.




Excuse me, I have something for you.
For me?
Throw this down for a catch?
I don't have to quarrel with you, teacher, but we've been doing this all night. Nothing… all right.

Fruit here is incredible. Everything that grows here is immaculate, except for the people. You're such a miserable lot. You worship one god and yet you're all divided.

Only one language keeps their peace. Learn to speak it.

You are the great Nicodemus.
I serve only God.
Yes, yes. So do your enemies: rogue preachers in the wilderness, raving about the coming Messiah.

Simon, you're scared.
I've lost everything, burnt every bridge. If I don't catch a ton of fish or get some help somehow, they'll arrest me. I'm trapped.
No more talking, Simon. Maybe God can get your attention now.

Who are you?
Fear not, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name.

I saw him.
It was incredible

You have experienced a miracle. You are healed!

What do you want from me?
Follow me.

He performs miracles and seeks no credit. Who did this?
I don't know his name. His time for men to know has not yet come.

We, we've waited for you for so long. We believe!
You have much bigger things ahead of you, Simon, son of Jonah.

Anything is possible now, don't you see?

Would you at least know him if you saw him again?
I will know him for the rest of my life.


A CATCH= an amount of things captured in one go. In this case, the amount of fish you can get using a net to fish.

QUARREL= to dispute, to fight.

TEACHER= Jesus was a "rabbi", a Hebrew word meaning "teacher", because he taught the truths of the faith to his disciples (followers, students).

IMMACULATE= Spotless, perfectly clean, without stain, sin or defaults of any kind.

A MISERABLE LOT= (informal) A group of sad people (miserable /mɪzərəbəl/ = very sad; pitiful, horrible). When you want to refer to a group of people having a certain quality, it is common to use this construction, so "a merry lot" is a group of happy people, and "a stupid lot" is a group of people who are stupid.


AND YET= Nevertheless, but.

SO DO...= Also.

ROGUE= Unreliable, liars, people that you can't trust.


RAVING ABOUT= Saying things that are stupid or incoherent.

MESSIAH= /məsaɪə/ A Hebrew word that means "the anointed", the person chosen by God to save his people. The Greek translation is "Christos", hence the English equivalent "Christ" (Jesus Christ = Jesus the Messiah).

SIMON= Simon bar Jonah (Simon, son of Jonah) was the original name of Saint Peter. Jesus would later change his name.

SCARED= Afraid.

(I'VE) BURNT EVERY BRIDGE= If you burn your bridges then you can't cross the river, meaning that you have no more options.

FEAR NOT= (old fashioned) Don't be afraid.

FOR= Because.

REDEEMED= Saved, liberated, made free.

I HAVE CALLED YOU BY NAME= I called you using your name (because I know who you are).

SEEKS NO CREDIT= is not looking for a reward, or expecting people to say thanks or something.