One-moment meditation
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Based on the book "One-Moment Meditation", this video shows you how to meditate in just a moment. Learn to reduce stress, calm down, focus, and find peace ... right now.


Since you're watching this video, I'll bet you want to meditate but don't have time. Maybe you've tried to meditate but have some trouble. Maybe you had a wonderful experience meditating over there, but just can't find that same feeling over here. Well, my name is Martin Boroson and in this video I'm going to introduce you to the technique of one-moment meditation. Then, you can meditate whenever you need to, like when you're feeling stressed or feeling angry, maybe you're having trouble sleeping, or you're feeling anxious, or you just need a new idea.

Although one-moment meditation is ultimately about meditating in a moment, we're going to start with a minute. We start with a minute because a moment goes by so quickly that it's very hard to notice. But a minute is like a moment with handles on it, you know where it begins and where it ends, so it's easier to grasp. If you're ready we'll do the basic minute now. You might want to shut the door or at least tell people you're not available for the next minute.

You don't  have to tie yourself in knots for this, just sit with your legs planted firmly on the floor. Try to sit up straight, but don't be rigid. It's as if your head were being lifted up away from the weight of the world. Think of it as cosmic attraction.

Now put your hands in any position that's balanced, symetrical and still. Like this, like this or like this. During the minute, simply focus on your breathing, moment by moment. Of course even in the space of a minute you will get distracted. That's perfectly normal, it doesn't mean you're doing it wrong. But as soon as you notice that you're distracted just think "mmmm" and bring your mind back to your breathing. I'll ring a bell so you know when to start and when to finish. Ready? Then close your eyes. Oh, one more thing! it's ok to smile. And... go!


As you open your eyes, notice how you feel right now. Maybe a little bit refreshed, a little bit more awake, a little bit more open-minded. Not bad for a minute. And the more you do it, the better it gets. But please, don't ever do the basic-minute for longer than a minute. Don't be macho about this, because the point of the basic minute is to show you that you can make a meaningful change in your state of mind quickly, so if you do it for longer you're cheating.

With one-moment meditation, you can also learn how to do the portable minute, which is very useful when you're standing in line, on a train, or stuck in a boring meeting. You can also learn the bonus-minute, the surprise-minute and the emergency-minute. With one-moment meditation you can also learn how to reduce the length of the basic minute step by step until it only takes a moment. And when you can meditate in a moment, your whole day can be filled with meditation, because it takes no time at all.