One Note Universe (Jelly Jamm)
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Jelly Jamm is a children's animation series on TV for kids from 4 to 7 years which celebrates music, fun and friendship. Every episode has a lesson to learn. Join Bello and his friends in their funny adventures as they figure out how to live in harmony on the magical Planet Jammbo -- origin of music in the universe.

Jelly Jamm. Episode 35. Series 1.

Rita and Princess are having a lovely pink picnic: pink dishes, pink food, pink everything! Rita confides in Princess how she would like everything on Jammbo to be her favourite colour. She rushes to the Music Factory and switches the multi-coloured music bubbles to pink which threatens to make everything look and sound the same! When the other kids realise what Rita has set in motion they must work furiously to restore the natural diversity of Jammbo before it becomes a big, boring, barren pink wasteland!