Peppa's Christmas (Peppa Pig)
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Peppa Pig and her friends on Christmas holidays


I’m Peppa Pig. This is my little brother George. This is Mummy Pig and this is Daddy Pig. Peppa Pig.

Peppa’s Crhistmas.

It is Christmas Eve. Peppa and George are going to post their letters to Father Christmas. Here are Peppa's friends. Race you to the post box! Yahoo! Yee-ha! The children are all posting letters to Father Christmas.

What have you all asked FatherChristmas for? A scooter. A toy spaceship. A Little guitar. A toy mouse. A skipping rope. A trumpet. A bat and ball. George has asked for a toy train. And I would love... a yoyo.

It is Mr. Zebra the Postman.

My goodness! A lot of post today! They're all our letters to Father Christmas. It's very important that Father Christmas gets them. He lives at the North Pole. Yes, I can see that. Well, if I'm off to the North Pole today, I can't stand around chattering. Bye! Bye!

PEPPA! GEORGE! We're off to get the Christmas tree! Horray! Is everybody ready? Yes, Daddy Pig! Then let's go!!!

This is Miss Rabbit's Tree Shop.

Hello, Miss Rabbit. Hello, there! We'd like to buy a tree, please. What sort are you looking for? Please don't say, an apple tree or a cherry tree, I don't have them. We want a Christmas tree. Phew. I've got hundreds of them. These are the Littlest ones. We were looking for something bigger. This is our mid range. Still not big enough. Are you sure, Daddy Pig? They look lovely to me. And this is our biggest tree. Perfect. Jolly good. I'll ask Mr. Bull to carry it to your car. Mr. Bull!!! Moo! Hello, everyone! Big tree this one. Got a big car? Er, yes. So, where's your car? This is it. Oh. Our car is quite small, isn't it? Daddy's just going to have to choose a smaller tree. No need for that! I'll carry it home. It can't be that heavy. See you later! See you later! Bye! Bye!

Daddy's been gone for ages! I hope our tree is ok. What's that noise? It's Daddy! With our tree! Hurray! Daddy, was the tree heavy? It was a bit heavy, yes. I hope the tree fits in our house. Don't worry, I'll make sure it fits. It is a lovely tree. Thank you for carrying it all the way home, Daddy Pig. You're most welcome. Let's get it decorated!

Peppa puts the glitter on the tree. It's so glittery! George hangs the baubles. Mummy Pig fixes the fairy lights. And Daddy Pig puts a star on the very top of the tree.

There! Oooooohhh! Little star on the Christmas Tree Goes, Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle twee. What a charming song. And all the Little piggies on Christmas Eve Go, Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink!  Lovely, Peppa. Now, it's time to... Wait, there's more! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! Sweet Little star on the Christmas Treeeee...

Maybe that's enough singing. Do you know what day tomorrow is? Christmas Day! Here's a Little snack for Father Christmas. Daddy? Why does Father Christmas come down the chimney? Why doesn't he just use the front door? Good question, Peppa. If you see him, you should ask. But Father Christmas won't come unless you're asleep in bed. Up you go!

I hope Mr. Zebra gave our letters to Father Christmas. I'm sure he did. Danny wanted a spaceship. Suzy, a scooter. Pedro, a guitar... Can you remember everything your friends asked for? Of course, I can, Daddy. It's very important. Goodnight my Little piggies. Sleep well. George! Let's stay awake all night and see Father Christmas!

George is asleep.

I'm going to stay wide awake all night...

Peppa is asleep. What was that, flying past the window? Oh!? And what was that noise?

George! There's a loud banging noise coming from the roof!

It is Father Christmas! Ho ho ho! Father Christmas just has a few more presents to deliver.

Peppa wants a yoyo. George wants a train. Why do they make these chimneys so small!

Oh no! Father Christmas has lost his list!

Oooph! Why are these chimneys always so sooty? Ah! I see someone's left me a mince pie and a drink! Delicious! Ho ho ho! George! It's Father Christmas! Ah! Hello, there! And who might you be? I'm Peppa. And who is this very smart young gentleman? It's only George. Pleased to meet you, George. Are those presents for George and me? They might be. Can we open them now! You have to wait till morning. Father Christmas? How do you know what presents to give everyone. I have a list! Er. Which I seem to have... Iost. Oh! And I only had a few more to deliver. To Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Pedro Pony... That's easy! Suzy wants a scooter. Danny, a spaceship. Pedro, a guitar. Emily, a toy mouse. Zoe, a bat and ball. Candy, a skipping rope. And Rebecca, a trumpet. Thank you, Peppa. You're most welcome. Right! Let's get these last presents delivered, which means climbing back up this confounded chimney. Father Christmas. Why don't you use the front door? Galloping Goblins! What a good idea! Bye bye, Peppa and George! Bye bye! Happy Christmas! Ho ho ho!

Wake up, Peppa and George! It's Christmas day! Daddy, Mummy! We saw Father Christmas! And he left us these presents.

George has a toy train. Choo! Choo! Peppa has... A Yoyo! Choo! Choo! All of Peppa's friends are here.

Happy Christmas, Peppa! Happy Christmas, everyone! I got a scooter! I got a spaceship! A Little guitar! A toy mouse! A bat and ball! A skipping rope! A trumpet! Everyone got what they wanted. Father Christmas is very clever! Well, actually it was me who told him what you all wanted. Don't be silly, Peppa. It's true! George and I saw Father Christmas.

Here are Granny and Grandpa Pig.

Happy Christmas, everyone! Happy Christmas! I say! Look at those big boot prints! Ooohh! And there's more of the same boot prints on our roof! You see! It's true. I saw Father Christmas. Woow! Happy Christmas, Peppa! Can't catch me! Can't catch me! This is the best Christmas ever!