Pocoyo Dance (Pocoyo)
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This cute Spanish animation series shows us little Pocoyo discovering the world around him. In this episode he will discover what a radio is and will learn an important lesson: Every one has a different way of doing things, and that's OK. Pocoyo will dance for the first time!


- Hello, Pocoyo. Hello Pato.
- Hello!
- What do you think that is, Pocoyo?
- Ha, Ha, Ha. My!. That was a surprise. Don’t be scared Pato, it’s fun. Look, Pocoyo is going to press another button.
[alphabet letters]
- Well, how about that! It talks and it makes music. You know what it is, Pocoyo? Pato? Can any of you tell Pocoyo what it’s called?
- Radio!
- It’s a radio!
- Yes! It’s a radio.
- Radio!

- P-A-T-O. Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pato.
- Wow, Pato! That duck looks really cool! I think Pocoyo would like to try.
- Pocoyo dance!
- Here’s Elly.
- Elly dance!

- Oh, I say. What a beautiful dance, Elly.
- (Po)coyo dance.
- What’s wrong, Pocoyo? Don’t you want to dance? Well, then. Why don’t you? What?! You don’t know how to dance like Pato? And you don’t know how to dance like Elly either? Is that it? Well, you may not be able to dance like Pato or like Elly, but I know one person you can certainly dance like. You can dance like Pocoyo? So how about it! Show us the Pocoyo dance. Do any of you want to see Pocoyo’s dance? Maybe you should let him know that you want to see him dance. Go ahead, tell Pocoyo you want to see him dance.
- Please, dance Pocoyo. We want to.
- Ha, what fun! And now let’s all dance. Everybody, get up and dance. Ah, so many different ways to dance! Everyone can have a go. Hurray for dancing, and for Pocoyo. Bye-bye, see you soon!