Sun, Sea and Snow (Peppa Pig)
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Peppa and family are going to the seaside.


I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
this is  Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig. Sun, sea and snow.

It is bed time for Peppa and George.
Tomorrow we're going on a coach trip to the seaside.
We can make sand castles!
I fancy a swim.
Me, too! The weather forecast says it's going to be sunny.
Good night, Peppa! Good night, George!
Oh, it's starting to snow.
It is morning.
Yipee! It's sunny! Oh! Snow!
A lot of snow has fallen in the night.
Snow, mummy! Snow, daddy! Snow, snow, snow!
Hey, what?
We're still going to the seaside, don't we?
Well, let's see how much snow there is.
Oh, where's daddy gone?
Oh, it's a walking snowman.
I'm cold.
It's a walking talking snowman.
Oh, it's just daddy.
Poor daddy! Let's warm you up a bit.
Haha, ha.
Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig and George are warming Daddy Pig up by rubbing him with towels.
That's better.
Now we can go to the seaside.
But what about the snow?
I don't think the coach should be running today.
Mis.Rabbit's coach has arrived at Peppa's house.
Goodness me!
How did you get through all that snow?
With my big snow plough!
Snow plough's pushed the snow after the way.
Hello, everyone!
Hello, Peppa!
All of Peppa's friends are going to the seaside, too.
Next stop, the seaside!
Mr.Bull and his friends are grating the road.
The grate melts the snow.
Hello, Mr.Bull!
Oh, hello, Mrs.Rabbit!
It's taken us all night.
But the road is clear all the way to the seaside.
That's good. We're going to the seaside.
Would you like to come along?
No, thanks, Mrs.Rabbit.
We've got more roads to grate. Goodbye Mr.Bull.
Bye, have a lovely day at the beach.
We were going on a seaside holiday.
Sand castles, swimmin and sunny skies.
We were going on a seaside holiday.
Sea and sun and ice-cream, too!
Here we are! The seaside!
The beach is covered in snow.
That sea looks cold.
I was looking forward to having a swim.
You still can! The sea's not frozen over.
Come along, girls.
What are you waiting for?
Oh, I can't swim because I sprain my ankle.
And I think I might have a cough.
Come on in, Mummy Pig. It's lovely.
Are you sure it's lovely?
Of course, the sea is wonderful today.
Ok, then.
Mummy Pig is going for a swim.
Oh, ho.
Is it cold, mummy?
It's a little bit cold.
It always feels cold when you first get in.
If you keep moving, you'll warm up.

Ok, I'll keep moving.
Mummy Pig has run out of the sea.
Let's get you dry.
Peppa, George and Daddy Pig are warming Mummy Pig up by rubbing her with towels.
Oh that's better.
Are you going for a swim, Daddy Pig?
Maybe not today.
Who wants an ice-cream?
Me, me ,me!
Everyone likes ice-creams of the seaside.
I wanted to make sand castles.
But the beach is covered in snow.
We could make snow castles.
First, we fill the buckets with snow.
We turn the buckets upside down.
Give them a little tap. And hey, presto, a snow castle!
Snow castles!
I love the seaside!
And I love the snow!
I love the seaside and the snow!
Haha, haha.
We were going on a seaside holiday.
Sand castles, swimming and sunny skies.
We were going on a seaside holiday.
Sea and sun and ice-cream, too!