The Difference between live, life and lives (Let's Talk)
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The Difference between live, life and lives.

So are you one of them who often get confused with the words ‘live’,’live’,’life’ and 'lives'? The pronunciation and the spelling of these words are quite similar but there is a difference when it comes to using these words. So in this lesson we are going to learn to use these words appropriately.


Live (Verb)
Here the word ‘live’ means that you are talking about yours or someone else’s place of living. It means to be stationed in a particular place.

Example – I live in France
Example – Peter lives in Germany
Example – How are we going to live in this cold region?

Live (Adjective) –
Another form of the word ‘live’ which is pronounced differently and has two meanings.

a) Live – Being current, it’s happening now something which is not recorded.

Example – We saw the live coverage of the cricket match.
Example – I love to attend live music concerts.

b) Live – To be alive, not dead

Example – We saw a live rattle snake.
Example – Is that a live wire?

Life (Noun) – State of living.

Example – I love my life
Example – The stuntman is not showing any signs of life
Life can also be an adjective describing the noun

Example – Life Guard, Life Saver, Life experience, Life Boat.

Lives –
This word is the plural form of life

Example - Many people lost their lives in the blast.
Example- The daily lives of our citizens is extremely exhausting.