The elephant song (Eric Herman)
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A nice song to practise the names of some animals. The man gets all the animals wrong and the kid is correcting him.


Elephants, I like elephants
Elephants, I like elephants
I like how they swing through trees

- No!
- What?
- Elephants don't swing through the trees
- They don't?
- What am I thinking of?
- Monkeys
- Oh! Well, in that case:

Monkeys, I like monkeys
I like how they swim in the ocean
- No!
... I like...
- That's fish.
- Oh, I see.

Fish, I like fish
I like how they scratch at fleas
- No!
And sniff at trees
And bark at the mailman
- No, no, no, no! NO!
- NO?
- Those are dogs!
- Ah!
Gotta like dogs
- Right?
- Yeah!
- Yeah
curled up on the windowsill purring
- No
and chasing mice
- No
- No? What then?
- Cats
- Cats. Of course!

Cats, I like cats
I like how they say, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"
- No, no, no
- They go, "meow"
- They do?
- You're thinking of roosters
- Oh!

Roosters, I like roosters
I like how they reach into beehives for the honey
- mm?
- mhmm
- No!
- Bears do that
- Oh, bears. Yes, yes, yes, yes

Bears, I like bears
I like how they jump up high to catch a fly
- No
and sit on a lily-pad
- No, no, no, no, no, no
- he he
- Frogs!

Gotta like frogs
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Running through a maze for some cheese
- No!
- Oh
- That's mice
- Oh, mice

Mice, I like mice
I like how they say, "Hee haw! Hee haw!"
- No. They go, "squick, squick"
- mm!
- That's a donkey

Donkeys, I like donkeys
I like how they stomp through the jungle
with their big, gray trunks
- No, that's an elephant
- Right, that's like I said

Elephants, I like elephants

- You don't know anything about animals
- I do so!
- You're silly
- I'm not!


The animals on this video are:

Fish  (1 fish, 2 fish, 3 fish)
Dogs (1 dog, 2 dogs, 3 dogs)
Roosters (AmE) (=BrE cocks)
Mice (1 mouse, 2 mice, 3 mice)