UK vs USA words (rocketmailsara)
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Here you have some basic words that change from British to American English. A fun informal lesson.

Do the interactive activity to learn all the equivalences.


- Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm from Nottingham, in the United Kingdom.
- Hi, I'm Jaqueline and I'm from Los Angeles, United States of America.
- Mmm, I'm hungry. I'm gonna eat a biscuit.
- That's not a biscuit, it's a cookie.
- It's a biscuit.
- It's a cookie.
- Hey, did you hurt your hand? You're wearing a plaster.
- What's a plaster? This is a band-aid.
- Whatever. I'm hungry still. I'm gonna eat some crisps.
- Those aren't crisps, those are chips.
- These are crisps. These are chips.
- They aren't chips. Those are french fries.
- These are chips.
- French fries.
- I love soccer. I really love soccer.
- That's not soccer, that's football.
- It's not football.
- You know, they play it all over the world. They wear trainers like these.
- Those aren't trainers, those are sneakers.
- Trainers.
- Sneakers.
- I'm cold. I'm gonna put a jumper on.
- What's a jumper? That's a sweater.
- That's a jumper.
- Well, I'm also cold, I'm gonna put on another pair of pants.
- Those aren't pants, those are trousers. These are pants.
- Those aren't pants. Those are underpants.
- These are pants.
- Underpants.
- Pants!
- Underpants!
- Pants
- Underpants
- Oh, wait a minute. My mobile phone is ringing.
- That's a cell phone.