Numbers 1-10
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Focus Vocabulary
Instructions 1- Look at the numbers and think of its name and sound. 2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer. 3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.
Item Match Pronunciation Comments
5 five /faɪv/
0 zero /zɪərəʊ/
6 six /sɪks/
1 one /wʌn/
9 nine /naɪn/
10 ten /ten/
7 seven /sevən/
2 two /tu:/
8 eight /eɪt/
4 four /fɔ:/
3 three /θri:/
100 one hundred /wʌn hʌndrɪd/ also: A HUNDRED
101= a hundred and one
107= a hundred and seven
1000 one thousand /wʌn θzənd/ also: A THOUSAND
1001= a thousand and one
1005= a thousand and five
Total number of items: 13
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