Fill in the Gaps
This is How Babies are Born
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Focus Listening
Instructions Write the suitable word/s inside the gaps to complete the sentence. Use the -TAB- key on your computer keyboard to move from one box to the next.
Gapped text
- And this is my ________________________ - What do you do? - I am a doctor ________________________. - What do you do with them? - I deliver ________________________.
- Deliver? - When the woman has the baby __________________________, then I go in and I take it out. - No you don't. __________________________ knows that the stork brings the baby.
- Who-who told you that? - __________________________. - Okay. Well, __________________________ puts the baby inside of the mother... and then I go in and __________________________. - Ah aah. The stork brings the baby to __________________________, drops it in the bassinet.
- So you're saying that the baby is ____________________ the mummy? Then why is it that the mother gets real ____________________? - Because she eats a lot ____________________.
- Now let me get __________________________. You say that the stork carries __________________________, puts the baby in the bassinet, and the mother is real big because she eats a lot of food? - You __________________________ it!
- I see. Well, then why is it that the mother __________________ to the hospital? - The stork brings the baby to the hospital, __________________ it in the bassinet. The mummy goes to the hospital and __________________ it.
- If the stork does all that, why doesn't the stork __________________________ to the mummy's house? - Because it's too far. His wings will get __________________________. - Where does the __________________________ get the babies from? - __________________________.
- Okay. There is a zillion skillion babies in Heaven. How does the stork ________________ what baby goes with ________________ mother? - They are in a line. ________________, like you go to the baker and get a ________________.
- Why when I put my ____________ on the mother I can feel things ____________ all around? - That's not a ____________. - What is it? - ____________.
- Well, thank you for ____________________ it to me. - You're welcome, but you still didn't tell me ____________________ do. - I'm in ____________________ of gas.
Total number of items: 10
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