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  Fill in the Gaps
I want him to go
Focus Grammar
Description Practise the use of the verb TO WANT with two persons: I want + (I go) = I want to go / I want + (he goes) = I want him to go.
Instructions See the cue and write the correct sentence using WANT. Use the -TAB- key on your computer keyboard to move from one box to the next.
Gapped text
Mike wants + Kelly will marry him = __________________________________________________________
He wants + we will call the police = ____________________________________________________________
Karen wants + everybody talks about her = ______________________________________________________________________________
I want + I go = ________________________
I don't want + you are sad = ____________________________________________________
I don't want + I look at that = ________________________________________________________
Do you want? + I will help you = ____________________________________________________?
Sue wants + Sue stays here = ____________________________________________
I don't want + you will come with me = ________________________________________________________________
Do they want? + we stay here = ________________________________________________________?
I want + they go away = ____________________________________________
Peter wants + John will take the box = ________________________________________________________________
I want + you go = ________________________________
She doesn't want + he will call her again = ____________________________________________________________________________
She wants + I will help her = ________________________________________________
Do you want? + I will do it = ______________________________________________?
I just want + people are nice = __________________________________________________________
They wanted + We worked harder = __________________________________________________________
We don't want + you come with us = __________________________________________________________________
I just want + she loves me = ____________________________________________________
They want + we are quiet = ________________________________________________
Mike wants + Mike will call the police = __________________________________________________________
I don't want + you look at me = ____________________________________________________________
I don't want + it rains = ______________________________________________
I want + you will help me with this = ______________________________________________________________
Total number of items: 25
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The verb WANT is followed by infinitive with TO

I want to go to Rome
She wants to learn Spanish
Everybody wants to win

But when we have two different persons involved, we use this construction:

subject + Want + object + infinitive with to

I want to go I want + I go (I = I)
I want him to go I want + he goes (I / he)

They want us to do the job
She wants me to stay with her
I want you to come with me
He wants them to repair his house in two months
I want David to work with meá (not: I want that David works with me)

Negative and interrogative form

(+) I want you to come with me
(-) I don't want you to come with me
(?) Do you want me to help you?