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Focus Grammar
Description Practise the difference between DURING and FOR to talk about time
Instructions Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.
Gapped text Items
I had to go out ______________________ the conference, but only for a few minutes. for / during
They arrived ______________________ the weekend during / for
I met Susan ______________________ my university years during / for
We stayed in a motel ______________________ the night for / during
We had a little house ______________________ the summer and spent all our holidays there during / for
She phoned me ______________________ the movie during / for
I visited Paris three times ______________________ my childhood for / during
The baby was born ______________________ our holidays for / during
She was looking for him ______________________ two days for / during
They stayed in my house ______________________ two days during / for
She had a short telephone call ______________________ the meeting for / during
We waited there ______________________ six hours, but nobody came. for / during
I was in Venice ______________________ the summer ______________________ two weeks during / during / for / for
He heard an explosion ______________________ the night for / during
We went to visit her ______________________ the weekend. We arrived on Friday evening and came back on Sunday at 10 pm. during / for
Total number of items: 15
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DURING is used to say WHEN something happens; FOR is used to say HOW LONG it lasts. Compare:
- My father was in hospital during the summer
- My father was in hospital for six weeks
- it rained during the night for three hours
- I can see you for a few minutes during the afternoon
In many situations (but not always), we can use IN instead of DURING:
- I woke up during the night = I woke up in the night