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Superlative sentences: IN or OF?
Focus Grammar
Description When comparing with a group, a superlative sentence can use IN or OF, depending on the situation. Let's practise that difference.
Instructions Complete these superlative sentences with the correct preposition
Gapped text Items
That's the most important company ______________________ the city of / in
My boss is the most important person ______________________ the company in / of
I'm the youngest ______________________ my family in / of
Spring is the best season ______________________ all in / of
She comes from one of the richest families ______________________ Spain of / in
He's the best player ______________________ the team of / in
July is usually the hottest month ______________________ the year in / of
He was nominated the most attractive man ______________________ the year of / in
Mark is the oldest boy ______________________ class in / of
He's the best of all the actors ______________________ the film of / in
He's the coolest guy ______________________ town in / of
He's the biggest ______________________ all the boys of / in
He's the most intelligent ______________________ my students of / in
Mary's the tallest ______________________ her four sisters in / of
The kitchen is the coldest room ______________________ the house of / in
My mother is by far the best mother ______________________ the world of / in
I'm the oldest ______________________ my brothers in / of
He's the best tennis player ______________________ Europe in / of
Mount Everest is the highest mountain ______________________ the world in / of
These are the most beautiful flowers ______________________ the garden in / of
Total number of items: 20
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When comparing with a group, use the preposition IN (rarely "of")
     That's the highest building in the world
     You have the nicest room in the hotel
     The boss is the most important person in the company
     I'm the youngest in my family

But we can use the preposition OF before plurals and time expresions and "of all"
     He’s the biggest one of the boys
     Kevin is the most handsome of them
     This is the best day of my life
     July is usually the hottest month of the year