Multiple Choice
Sainsbury's Christmas - The story behind our Christmas ad
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Focus Listening
Instructions Choose the option that best answers or completes each question. Questions go along the video, in the same order of appearance. To do this, make sure subtitles are turned off.
Where were the soldiers? (choose the word you hear on the video)
A- In a ditch
B- In the pits
C- In the trenches
D- Underground
According to the video, what did the Germans began to sing?
A- A Christmas Carol
B- Silent Night
C- Germany's national anthem
D- Something he couldn't understand
He didn't know much about his grandfather until...
A- Sainsbury told him the story
B- His grandmother talked about him
C- He found his autobiography
D- He read his diaries
When did his grandfather contacted the German officers?
A- At dawn
B- When only a few soldiers were out
C- Right before the football match
D- The night before
How many nationailites were together in this event?
A- Three: British, German and American
B- Three: British, German and some French soldiers
C- Two: British and German
D- Many (but most of them were British or German)
According to the story, who were the first ones to come out of the trenches?
A- The British
B- An Australian volunteer
C- One Scotish soldier
D- The Germans
What did soldiers exchange?
A- Only chocolate
B- Greetings and gifts
C- Guns
D- Photos and prisoners
Where did the Christmas truce take place?
A- In just that place
B- Everywhere in the front
C- In three distant places along the trenches
D- In several places in a small area
How many soldiers died on that Christmas Day?
A- Some
B- None
C- Many
D- Thousands
Some Germans didn't want the truce
A- True
B- Actually, all Germans didn't want the truce
C- False
D- They don't talk about it on the video
How many football matches were played?
A- Several
B- One
C- Four
D- None
Was there really a football match between the Germans and the British?
A- Maybe
B- We don't know
C- Almost certainly yes
D- No, there wasn't
According to the video, what could we find in the toughest of times?
A- Hate
B- Death
C- Great humanity
D- A fight for power
What is the message of this story in history, according to the video?
A- Boys will be boys
B- Football can unite people
C- Sharing things can make people more human
D- It is a great hope for future peace
How does the video say "shared their cigarettes when smoking"?
A- Smoked in gangs
B- Exchanged smokes
C- Crossed cigarettes
D- Criss-crossed nicotine
Total number of items: 15
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