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Instructions Write the suitable word/s inside the gaps to complete the sentence. Use the -TAB- key on your computer keyboard to move from one box to the next.
Gapped text
I get really __________ when my brother hits me __________.
I don't ______________ when you say that you don't wanna ______________ with me.
________________ I'm mad, my brain can get a ________________ and it can start ________________.
Your blood keeps ________________ because you're like really mad. And you start to get ________________ because you're ________________ really, really mad. And then when you start getting really mad, you ________________.
When your body can't really ____________________ yourself, mad just ____________________ your body.
I just get ____________ control.
It's kind of like if you had a jar and then the jar would be ____________________, and then you put glitter in the jar and that ____________________ how you would feel like. If you shook up the jar and the glitter went ____________________, that would be how your mind looks.
And it's like spinning ____________, and then you don't have any time to ____________.
And you sometimes punch __________ and people, when you don't really __________ it.
When I get __________, I feel it in my __________.
I really don't like when __________ angry.
The amygdala really ________________________ but the prefrontal cortex tries to ________________________.
When I like feel like I wanna, ______________________, get really angry and, yeah, I just like sometimes, you know, like take a ______________________.
Like, first, you find a __________________ where you can be __________________. Then you find some way to relax and __________________.
When I need to calm down, I take deep ______________.
I ____________________ through my nose.
Sometimes I __________________________ or just take deep breaths.
It's like it's calming down. It's, like, not, like, ____________. It's like slowing down and then it ____________. And the heart pumps ____________, and then it goes ____________ your brain.
It's like all the ________________ are at the ________________ of your brain.
My brain like ____________________ and then like I feel more ____________________, and then I'm like ready to ____________________ to that person.
Total number of items: 20
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