Everything About You (Ugly Kid Joe)
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Ugly Kid Joe was an American hard rock band from Isla Vista, California. The band’s name is a pun on the band Pretty Boy Floyd. Ugly Kid Joe's sound touched on a range of styles, including rock, hard rock and heavy metal. In conclusion to the band's overall sound and vision, the members of the band have cited many times that they were simply a manifestation of their environment and lifestyles—mounting from their geographic location of Southern California.


I, hate the rain and sunny weather,
And I, I hate the beach and mountains too bu hu
And I don't like a thing about the city, no, no
And I, I, I, hate the countryside too!

And I, hate everything about you!
... everything about you!

And I, don't like a thing about your mother,
And I, I hate your daddy's guts too bu hu
And I, don't like a thing about your sister, no, no
Cause I, I, I, think sex is overrated too.

And I, get sick when I'm around, I, can't stand to be around,
I, hate everything about you!
Everything about you,
Everything about you,
Everything about you!

Some say I got a bad attitude,
But that don't change the way I feel about you,
And if you think this thought might bring me down,
Look again cause I aint wearin no frown!

I don't really care about your sister
Forget the little bitch cause I already kissed her

One thing that I did to your lady
I put her on the bed and she didn't even say maybe
I know you know everybody knows
The way it comes, the way it's gonna go
You think it's sad,
And that's too bad,
Cause I'm havin'
A ball hatin'
Every little thing about you!

Everything about you, everything about...
I get sick when I'm around...
I can't stand to be around...
I hate everything about... you! Haha...