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CBS weatherman Matt Laubhan proposes to ABC news broadcaster Emily Leonard on air... live!

Will she say yes?


Note: He had been working for ABC before, so he could easily get the help of his former co-workers to prepare everything.


Transcription of the original commented video:

Now, from Red Raider Nation here's KMAC 28's David Collier.
Good morning! This is typically where David Collier shows up and brings you your latest news on the Red Raiders  but we're a taking a one morning sabbatical for some breaking news. For top secret television purposes I shall remain nameless but for many years I appeared on this very channel. Now, in the past. You might have guessed, and I can now confirm, that KMAC 28's own Emily Lennard is not only the sweet, corky, crazy girl that you watch every morning on this channel but she is also the love of my life and for the past two and a half years we've been dating. So in lieu of the coach Leach highlights, I encourage you to sit back and watch me make this young woman cry. Hopefully in a good way.

- I was wanting to know if you might wanna marry me. How about that?
- Yes
- Are you sure? You, you, you haven't accepted it yet, you could still reject.
- No...Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes... yes. Oh my God!
- Come here.
- You all knew!
- ha ha ha ha
- My God!
- come on, come on. Come here.
- I'm all... there we go.
- Yeah.
- Oh my God!
- Come here.
- Oh my God!
- Come here.
- ++++++?
- No. I think I got lipstick on you.
- Well, I don't think it really matters.


HUSKERS AND THE RED RAIDERS= two American football teams

KMAC 28= a TV sports programme

DAVID COLLIER= a TV sports reporter

SHOWS UP= Appears

SABATTICAL= A sabbatical year/day/morning... is a year/day/morning off (you don't work but rest)

BREAKING NEWS= An important piece of news that just happened (or is going to happen) and they interrupt the current programme to tell you about it.

SHALL= (formal) will.

NAMELESS= Anonymous, without a name (-less = without)

EMILY LEONARD= a news broadcaster woman

CORKY= Lively (full of live, an active person)

WE'VE BEEN DATING= If you date a girl/boy, you go out with them, you have a romantic relationship.

IN LIEU= /ɪn lju:/ (formal) instead of (a French expression)

COACH LEACH= The coach of The Red Raiders. A coach is the person training a sports team.

SIT BACK= Relax.

MIGHT= Perhaps.
We can use the verb MAY (or more formally MIGHT) to talk about possibility.

HOW ABOUT THAT?= (informal) What do you think about it?

REJECT= Say no, refuse, decline an offer.

THERE WE GO= We use this expression when we finally get the result we are trying to get (in this case, the ring finally got in).

LIPSTICK= An artificial colouring many women apply to their lips to make them look redder (or any other colour)

MATTERS= If something doesn't matter, it's not important.