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Days of the Week

4-E)  Week days
Activity MasterBlaster
Activity MasterBlaster
Learn the days of the week - Aprende los días de la semana

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You have a word and 4 options. Choose the right option.

(If the timer is on, you must choose your option before the time finishes.)


Item Pronunciation Meaning
day /deɪ/ día
Friday /frdeɪ/ viernes
Monday /mʌndeɪ/ lunes
Saturday /sætədeɪ/ sábado
Sunday /sʌndeɪ/ domingo
Thursday ɜ:zdeɪ/ jueves
Tuesday /tju:zdeɪ/ martes
Wednesday /wenzdeɪ/ miércoles
week /wi:k/ semana
weekdays /wi:kdeɪz/ días de diario
weekend /wi:kend/ fin de semana
Total number of items: 11

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