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Starters Course
Help beginners
Basic Real English
Help elementary
What's your name? What's your name? Numbers 1-20. The Alphabet. What's your name? Can you spell it? Who are you? Hi, I'm Kevin.
Hi, how are you? Hi, how are you? Animals. Colours. Family. How are you? Greetings and Introductions. Nice to meet you.
Where are you from? Where are you from? Countries and nationalities. Where are you from? Negatives and interrogatives with DO. Numbers 1-100. Possession.
Dates and Time Dates and Time More numbers (cardinals and ordinals). Months. days of the week. Dates. Telling the time. Prepositions of time. Money. likes and dislikes.
Work and Free time Work and Free time Age. Prepositions (place & time). Daily routine. Frequency adverbs. Jobs. The weather. Free time. Have. Imperative.
Descriptions Descriptions Can. Adjectives. Parts of the body. There is/are. House. Plurals. Wh-words. Exclamations. Food and Drink. The article. Some/any. Clothes. Science and technology.
The Present The Present Simple present and present continuous. How much & How many. Adverbs. Describing people and places. Health. Phrasal verbs. Suggestions. Permission. Classroom language. Family tree.
The Past The Past Simple past of regular and irregular verbs. Past continuous. Present perfect. Prepositions with the past. Basic conjunctions. Comparatives and superlatives. Like (verb and preposition).
The Future The Future Be going to. Future plans. Will. Simple present for future. Giving directions. Modals. Conditionals. Bored vs Boring. Obligation. Short answers. Questions tags. Be able to.
Bits & Pieces Bits & Pieces Wish. Invitations. -Ing as a noun. Agreement. On the phone. Reflexive pronouns. Reported speech. Passive voice. Embedded questions. Vocabulary. A day in London.
Practice & Situations
basic +
Bits & Pieces Sentences Practise sentences of tenses and other grammatical constructions
Bits & Pieces Dialogues Little dialogues to practise the language in context, covering many different situations
Bits & Pieces Situations More dialogues in different situations
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