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Basic Real English: is this resource bank for me?

Basic Real English is a resource bank for beginners, useful for both teachers and students. This bank contains more than 1000 videos from starters to intermediate. Here you can find not only video-lessons, but also activities and many videos from real life where you can see how the language is used by real people. We have tried to reflect not only the academic correct English, but also colloquial and real English just the way it is used in everyday conversation.

To open this resource bank go to the top menu and click on BASIC, then choose BASIC REAL ENGLISH. Or CLICK HERE.

Depending on your situation, this bank may be excellent or not so good. Look at the table below.
(1- useless   3- ok   6- excellent)

    1 2 3 4 5 6  
  I'm a teacher, I want resources for my lower level classes (pre-intermediate or below)              
  I'm a teacher, I want real English material for my high level classes *              
  I'm an upper-intermediate or advanced student *              
  I'm an intermediate level student, but I have problems with listening *              
  I'm a pre-intermediate level student              
  I'm an elementary level student              
  I don't know English but I have a teacher              
  I don't know English but I have a friend who can help me              
  I don't know English and I have nobody to help me **              

* The general sections of this website (videos, music, listenings, etc) are better designed for your needs
** The absolute beginners' "Starters Course", also on this website, is better for you


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