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Cookies are small text files that are downloaded on to your web browser temporary files in your computer, smartphone or any other device. These cookies are strictly designed to improve and facilitate your user experience, for example by keeping you logged in until you decide otherwise, or remembering your last configuration options. Cookies may also collect information about the videos you are watching for optimisation reasons or to feed your time log, accessible to you through your user's area, and are also used to enable all the functionalities used in your virtual classroom if you are managing or using one.

We only use one cookie, called “mep_session”, and the only data this cookie saves on your computer is a user number id. This cookie does not collect personal data about you nor are they linked to any personal data about you unless you are a registered user, in which case the id from the cookie is used to identify you as the owner of your Multimedia-English account.

Like all cookies, these can be turned off in your browser if you wish. Nevertheless, turning off cookies for the Internet leads to a poorer navigation experience, the impossibility to enjoy many of the services available and even the malfunction or impossibility of access to many pages and services, and the same may apply in some respects to our website in particular.

Since this website is also using the services of Google Analytics to generate statistics of use, you can click here if you want more information about the cookies that Google stores on your computer through this page and many others. Google Analytics does not store any personal information about this website users, it only collects usage information anonymously.

In certain cases we may also use third-party advertising through an ads provider, who may also store their own cookies to collect information anonymously.

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