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Revision of greetings and introductions. World Link - Unit 1: City Living
Here you have the most important countries and their nationalities. You will find more related videos below. Check the interactive activity under the Activities tab.
On this simple video you can learn the usual question we use to find out people's nationality. Notice the falling intonation of the question. More videos below.
The auxiliary verb DO helps us to make the negative and interrogative form of normal verbs (a few special verbs, like TO BE, CAN, etc) never use DO. Check the videos below to see the other forms.
Where do you live | Lesson 2 | Learn English From Zero In this lesson, you will learn how to talk about places and the country you live in. No prior knowledge is needed.
We have worked with THIS and THAT. Now we're also going to see the plurals.
Let's count from 1 to 100. On this first video we'll see some of them. Do the rest of the videos below to master all of them.
To talk about possession we use the verb to have. In this lesson we will see how to use this verb in the present (affirmative, negative and interrogative), with or without GOT. Watch the video, read the explanations under the EXPLANATIONS tab and then watch the other videos from this lesson here below.
An introduction to the possessive adjectives. See the rest of the videos in this lesson to learn about the Possessive Pronouns and more.
Here we're going to learn how to ask about possession (whose is this?) and how to express possession with words referring to people: person + 's + thing (this construction is also called "Saxon Genitive") See comments in the box of EXPLANATIONS. After watching the video go to the other video below and have a test.
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