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3-B) Countries and Nationalities (ELF Learning) (robot) UNIT 3 lesson B
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Here you have the most important countries and their nationalities. You will find more related videos below. Check the interactive activity under the Activities tab.

Nationality is usually expressed with an adjective:
- he's English/Spanish

But it may also be expressed with a noun:
- he's an Englishman / a Spaniard


You can choose what countries and nationalities are important for you to learn, but I'll suggest a list of the basic ones most people learn at the beginning, and then, apart from these, you can learn any others you like (or simply learn the countries listed in activity number 1 above):


Europe - European
The European Union / The EU - Communitarian / European
The United Kingdom / The UK - British
England - English
Spain - Spanish
France - French
Italy - Italian
Germany - German
Russia - Russian

America - American
The United States / The USA / The US / The States - American
Canada - Canadian
Mexico - Mexican
Argentina - Argentinian
Brazil - Brazilian

Africa - African
Egypt - Egyptian
South-Africa - South-African
Congo - Congolese

Asia - Asian
China - Chinese
Japan - Japanese
India - Indian

Oceania - Oceanian
Australia - Australian

BASIC Countries and Nationalities
BASIC Countries and nationalities
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