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1 - Hector's arrival (Extr@)

1 - Hector's arrival
Activity True-False
Activity True-False
After watching the video, decide if these sentences are true or false.

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For every sentence mark if it is true or false or if there is no information about it.


Question T F ?
Bridget is slim and she's got dark hair      
Hector has got long curly hair      
Charley is black and white      
Charley has four legs      
Charley comes from France      
Bridget broke up with her boyfriend on the phone      
Bridget spent hours talking to her boyfriend on the phone      
Nick thinks Hector is a butler      
Hector thinks Nick is a butler      
Nick has got one brother and two sisters      
Bridget and Annie share a flat      
Nick shares a flat with the girls      
Hector is Spanish      
Hector and Bridget were penpals seven years ago      
Hector and Bridget were penpals ten years ago      
Hector speaks very good English      
Nick speaks very good English      
When Hector comes out of the bathroom the girls are impressed      
Bridget gave Hector a cushion as a present      
When Nick meets Hector, he likes him a lot      
The dog was in the oven      
Hector came to visit Annie      
Hector is going to stay in London just for a few days      
Bridget is happy when the other people use the bike      
Bridget got very angry with Nick      
Hector has met Bridget before      
Hector and Bridget were very good friends a long time ago      
Bridget's attitude changes when she sees Hector coming from the bathroom      
At the end, Bridget wants Hector to leave her flat      
At the end, Nick wants Hector to live with him      
At the end, Nick wants Hector to leave and go back to his country      
Hector thinks Nick is quite handsome      
Nick finds out that Hector is very rich      
Bridget knows that Hector is rich      
Some people call Annie "Gigi"      
Bridget's boyfriend left a message on the phone      
Bridget phoned her boyfriend to break up with him      
Total number of items: 37


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