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Demolition call

Demolition call
Activity True-False
Activity True-False

A little girl from Dublin calls the demolition company and asks them if they can blow up her school. Really funny phone prank.

The transcription printed on the video is not too accurate so I made my own transcription for the Transcript box here to the right. They have a strong Irish accent with colloquialisms so I'm not 100% sure of everything, but it's better that what you can see on the video.

Notice how the phonetics and the intonation differs from the standard RP in England (see how she pronounces "Dublin"? sounds more like /duplɪn/ than the standard /dʌblɪn/ ) and makes it sound a bit similar to Scottish.


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For every sentence mark if it is true or false or if there is no information about it.


Question T F ?
Becky lives in England      
Becky wants her school to be destroyed      
Becky calls decorators to ask them to decorate her school      
Becky loves her teachers      
Becky is 7 years old.      
The top boss should come to her school and talk to her teachers.      
They must knock it down when her teachers are at school.      
her parents are angry with her.      
They will blow it up tomorrow afternoon.      
Becky doesn't like her teachers because they give her a lot of homework on Fridays.      
Becky is happy at the end of the conversation.      
Becky's mum says Becky should go to learn.      
Total number of items: 12
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