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English problems (The Sketch Show US)

English problems
Activity Multiple Choice
Activity Multiple Choice
NOTE: Listen to the video once or several times before you start doing this activity. Questions are not in order of appearance, and they may refer to all the conversation. For this activity you can read the PDF before watching the video (easier) or not (more difficult)

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Choose the option that best answers or completes the question or sentence.


Each person came to this course for a reason. One option here is not one of those reasons. Which?
A- grammar
B- spelling
C- comprehension
D- proverbs
One person mentions something about his/her profession. What job is it?
A- a writer
B- a therapist
C- a farmer
D- a boss
One of them doesn't know many words in English, which one is it?
A- The blond girl in pink
B- The black guy
C- The Englishman in the green sweater
D- the standing man in the dark suit
When did they decide to meet again?
A- in the evening
B- next week
C- probably never
D- at two o'clock, in the bush
The black guy has problems with...
A- Talking to people
B- reading texts on a computer
C- listening comprehension
D- writing words
What is the correct ending for this proverb? Give them an inch...
A- and stay away for two days
B- they'll paint it in pink
C- and they'll take a mile
D- it's worth two in the bush
They decided to study together.
A- Yes
B- No
C- Maybe
D- Only the guys
One of these sentences is not used on the video:
A- Can I make a suggestion?
B- I think that's excellent
C- I have problems with my emphasis
D- it's alright for you all
Choose the correct sentence
A- They don't know which course they will be in yet
B- They are all in different courses
C- The three people sitting at the table are in the same course
D- They are all in the same course
Find the equivalent to the colloquial expression: How's it going?
A- What is happening here?
B- Where are you going?
C- How are you?
D- Are you finished yet?
Total number of items: 10

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