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Frankenstein and Mary Shelley

Frankenstein and Mary Shelley
Activity Multiple Choice
Activity Multiple Choice
Listening exercise discovering the origins of the Mary Shelley classic, 'Frankenstein'.

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Choose the option that best answers or completes the question or sentence.


When did Mount Tambora erupt?
A- 1815
B- 1816
C- 1817
D- 1818
What did 1816 come to be known as?
A- The year without spring.
B- The year without summer.
C- The year without autumn.
D- The year without winter.
Where was Lord Byron's villa?
A- England
B- Germany
C- Switzerland
D- Austria
What did Mary and the others read in the evenings?
A- love stories
B- ghost stories
C- adventure stories
D- poetry
What did the group of friends decide to write?
A- poetry
B- love stories
C- horror stories
D- mystery stories
How long did it take to complete 'Frankenstein'?
A- one year
B- two years
C- three years
D- four years
When was 'Frankenstein' first published?
A- 1815
B- 1816
C- 1817
D- 1818
What was the book written by John Polidori?
A- Dracula
B- Nosferatu
C- Vampyre
D- Bloodsuckers
When was John Polidori's book completed?
A- 1818
B- 1819
C- 1820
D- 1821
What did Mary Shelley call the monster in her book?
A- the monster
B- Victor
C- Frankenstein
D- the nightmare
Total number of items: 10

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